Artificial Wombs Finding Swirls

Artificial Wombs Finding Swirls The Age of Transitions & Uncle The Broadcast as Proudly Presented by OCHELLI.COM The Age of Transitions and Uncle 4-9-2021 Artificial Wombs Finding Swirls AOT #312 Robin calls into the show to talk a bit about artificial wombs. topics include: transhumanism, Cold War 2.0, China, super-soldiers, neural enhancement, brain chips, [...]
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Ukraine Views Parenthetical Clues

Ukraine Views Parenthetical Clues The OchelliEffect 4-9-2021 Roundtable Ukraine Views Parenthetical Clues Our friend Emir stoped in and tells us a bit more about the political game that is all too real involving Ukraine. Chuck did his best to avoid talking about the George Floyd Murder Trial and failed. The Chauvin case will not [...]
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Splitting Tickets Broadcast News

Splitting Tickets Broadcast News Popcorn Politics 4-6-2021 Eric Cunningham and Albert Lanier Splitting Tickets Broadcast News On this episode of Popcorn Politics, Eric Cunningham and I discuss the ongoing primaries to replace House members who’ve been confirmed to Joe Biden’s cabinet. In NM01 Melanie Stansbury won the Democratic nomination to replace the outgoing representative, [...]
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Federal Reserve Issues Plus

Federal Reserve Issues Plus The Ochelli Effect 4-8-2021 Dean Henderson Federal Reserve Issues Plus Dean Henderson was requested as a guest last week. It has been a long time since we talked with Dean. What does Dean think of the COVID19 Reality? How do we get people to accept what is in plain sight [...]
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Freedom Concepts Natural Designs

Freedom Concepts Natural Designs The Ochelli Effect 4-7-2021 Spent Kent and Vance Freedom Concepts Natural Designs Continuing the discussion about Freedom is odd only because the reality is stranger than fiction. Spent Kent has settled into a co-host position on Wednesday nights, and we will be taking calls. Is the appeal to alleged authorities [...]
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Pawns Everywhere Without Futures

Pawns Everywhere Without Futures The Ochelli Effect 4-6-2021 Mike Swanson and Emir Pawns Everywhere Without Futures On Tuesday night Chuck talked with Mike Swanson on the unpredictable future of the financial world. The markets are unreal and all the old metrics seem to fail in the new casino. The Motion Picture Industry might know [...]
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High Killing Artistic Fears

High Killing Artistic Fears The Ochelli Effect 4-5-2021 Hesher and Terry Tapp High Killing Artistic Fears Chuck ends up talking with Hesher about The George Floyd Murder Trial. Is everyone at the local C-Store high? Is everyone missing the point about Policy Enforcers killing people? Can The MSM only focus on the racial aspect [...]
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Kitchen Sinks Horrible Drinks

Kitchen Sinks Horrible Drinks The Age of Transitions & Uncle The Broadcast as Proudly Presented by OCHELLI.COM The Age of Transitions and Uncle 4-2-2021 No Callers Kitchen Sinks Horrible Drinks AOT 311 One of these days the Maryland state flag is going to be canceled, but in the meantime listen to this podcast that [...]
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Another Trivial Pursuit Friday

Another Trivial Pursuit Friday The Ochelli Effect 4-2-2021 Roundtable Another Trivial Pursuit Friday Random Spice and the lethargy of Lifted Riffs join The Firm while B Pete co-hosts the Friday Night Open Mic. The News pisses Chuck off. Is Russia going to get the kid gloves like Trump used? Do you have a Clue? [...]
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