Open Debate! Trinity, Epistemic Justification, Sola Scriptura, Atonement & More! Jay Dyer

Today we will return to normal proceedings: Open debate! Calling all opponents – come and make your best arguments regarding your rejection of the Trinity, Deity of Christ, Scripture, philosophy & logical argumentation, the Koran, Calvinism, evangelicalism, the solas, etc. Any arguments are welcomed, as long as they are actual arguments. Remember to boost that […]

A Philosophical Approach to Understanding Elite Power Grabs with Jay Dyer

In this episode, Courtenay invites Jay Dyer back to the show to discuss his new upcoming book, Meta-Narratives: Essays on Philosophy & Symbolism, which consists of 15 essays addressing platonism, number theory, evolutionary philosophy and geopolitics. In this conversation Courtenay and Jay analyze the history of elitist power grabs, including transhumanism and cognitive infiltration agendas, […]

Top 10 SCAMS: The World Runs on Concentric Circles of Scams – Jay Dyer

I see scams within scams. Today we will analyze an essential element to understanding how the world really works: the importance of scams. In fact, it’s more accurate to say concentric circles of scams. Scams within scams – ALL IS SUS. Deception is not just a fundamental aspect of warfare, but also geopolitics and social […]

Black Mirror, Zardoz, Crimes of the Future, WALL-E – Dystopia NOW Conclusion

Normally this would be for subs only but today we are making a special exception with a subscriber analysis made free to celebrate the new book release. We pick back up with our final installment of the chronological ordering of the dystopian films, analyzing and riffing on Logans Run, Waterworld, Idiocracy, Brave New World, Wall-E, […]

𝓢𝓹𝓪𝓬𝓮 𝓓𝓪𝓭𝓭𝔂

Prometheus & Alien Covenant: The Nietzschean Deicide & UFO Symbolism – Jay & Tristan. From here. The new book deserves a proper tour, which we will kick off in Nashville July 30! Saturday from 4-10 PM! The KGB sorcerer is at it again with a new live event featuring an hour of absurdity and nonsense […]
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Fr Romanides, John the Pilgrim & Quackodoxy References

“For the concept of the Creator is arrived at by analogy of His creatures.” -St John of Damascus, Exposition 1 By: Jay Dyer I have been dealing with these obsessive weirdos in regard to Fr Romanides since 2007. In 2016 I wrote a lengthy reply which still holds up here. It is embarrassing to have […]
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Augustine, Analogy of Being, Delusion & Fr Romanides Worship in “John the Pilgrim” – Jay Dyer

Today I will be replying to an individual as a test case of mental illness and obsessive subversion which will function as a case study – not only in mental illness and prelest, but also in some of the real issues in the Orthodox world. For years various individuals, when opposed or refuted, become obsessive […]

Wall Street and the Revolution (Half) Jay Dyer

This is an introduction video for the full lecture on Dr. Anrtony Sutton’s famous economic history text of his trilogy. His famous trilogy highlights the history of monopoly capitalism and the funding for revolution and revolutionary philosophy. The full lecture is available at JaysAnalysis or on my R0kfin. The new book deserves a proper tour, […]
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Dr. James Lindsay & Jay Dyer: Gnostic Roots of Modernity: C0urtenay Turner Podcast (Half)

This is half of a full episode linked below: In this episode, Courtenay invites power duo Jay Dyer and Dr. James Lindsay to discuss the ever-advancing war on humanity. This expansive conversation illuminates the road to transhumanism which is designed to usher in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Strongly rooted in Marxist ideology and gnosticism, the […]