Duterte Remains Defiant, Even as the US Gifts the Philippines $13 Million in Drones

(ANTIMEDIA) — Last Tuesday, the U.S. officially handed over the first new drones for the Philippines that were transferred through foreign military financing, according to the Diplomat. The Diplomat’s Prashanth Parameswaran explained that despite the problems President Rodrigo Duterte has posed for the U.S.-Philippines alliance, the drone transfer reinforced growing defense cooperation between the two countries. Whether or not Duterte has any say in this […]

Shakespeare said it best

Much ado about nothing.
That’s the “Russian interference” in the 2016 American election.
A group of Russians operating from a building in St. Petersburg, we are told in a February 16 US government indictment, sent out tweets, Facebook and YouTube postings, etc. to gain support for Trump and hurt Clinton even though most of these messages did not even mention Trump or Clinton; and many were sent out before Trump was even a candidate.

The True Stories That Fake News Tells: The Forced Sterilization of Women

I am constantly amazed in this day and age where Americans have a President who touts anything he doesn’t agree with as “fake news” that is the moment that people grow cynical of the term.   Despite Donald Trump’s ability to shun astute critique of his politics, the term does carry currency in terms of how true or false news stories are.  But it is not just American media that is stuck within this paradigm of readers never knowing what is or is not true, the British who have a n

Operation Pacific Eagle: The US and Duterte Take Aim at China and the Armed Poor

As we conclude this exclusive MPN series, we compare Operation Pacific Eagle to the notorious counterinsurgency initiative “Plan Colombia” and look at how the new Pentagon mission enables the U.S. to continue encircling China with its military bases. We speak to exiled Filipino revolutionary Jose Maria Sison and Professors William I. Robinson and Roland Simbulan.

Operation Pacific Eagle: Duterte Falls in Line with US Plans for the Philippines

In the second part of this MPN exclusive, we examine the U.S. military’s latest intervention in Asia, its 120 years of imperialist domination in the Philippines, and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s half-hearted push for independence from Washington. We speak to exiled Filipino revolutionary Jose Maria Sison and Professors William I. Robinson and Roland Simbulan.

ASEAN, China to work on maritime Code of Conduct

Trade ties have significantly improved and tensions over the South China Sea have eased since Xi called Duterte’s October 2016 visit to Beijing a “milestone” in China-Philippine relations [Xinhua]
China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have agreed to begin work on a Code of Conduct in the South China Sea, the media in the Philippines reported Wednesday.

Operation Pacific Eagle in the Philippines: Washington’s New Colonial War

In the first part of this MPN exclusive, we speak to Ka Oris of the New People’s Army and Professors William I. Robinson and Roland Simbulan about the new U.S. intervention in Asia, which raises the Philippines to the same level as Syria and Iraq for the Pentagon’s war plans.
In the second part, we will look at the 1999-2015 counterinsurgency initiative “Plan Colombia” as a template for Operation Pacific Eagle, as well as the use of the operation to continue the encirclement of China by U.S. bases.