Appel-pétition pour une approche objective, ouverte et contradictoire de la Révolution russe à l’approche du 100ème anniversaire de la Révolution d’Octobre 1917

Ni lunettes « blanches » sur Octobre 1917 ni « Livres noirs » anticommunistes à répétition ! Et si l’on débattait enfin de manière sereine à propos d’Octobre 1917 et de ses suites ? Un appel d’historiens, d’intellectuels et de militants du mouvement ouvrier. 8 mars 2017, centième anniversaire du début de la Révolution russe.

9,000 people want President Trump to kick George Soros out of the United States

Not only should President Trump take action against George Soros, but kicking out of the country is a punishment unfitting for the crimes this billionaire agitator has committed.
Soros is starting to feel the consequences for his actions as more and more sovereign nations line up to ban the dangerous globalist from setting foot in their country.
It is time the United States follow the examples set by Russia and Hungary, and either kick Soros out or lock him up for good.
A new online petition may help get the ball rolling.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Myopic and Intellectual Incoherence of the Alt-Left

Myopic modern day liberalism never scared the imperialists. And why should it? The corporate state and statism are the enemies. The infantilized alt-left with its preoccupation with social issues of no consequence like multiculturalism and diversity and transgender bathrooms subverted the argument. It’s not politics. It challenges nothing of consequence. Not neoliberalism, imperialism, globalism, nada. They are the party of not-Trump. They’re defined in the inverse. Corporatocracy, the military and prison industrial complexes remain sacrosanct, inviolate and unchallenged.

LIONEL PODCAST: The Myth of the Russian Hack | Media Echo Chamber Pavlovian Obeisance

They were the voice of a generation.
Imagine what that must feel like. Hillary forced to watch yet another inauguration she was promised by the Gods. It must be horrible though I can’t exactly sympathize. The thought of her being at the helm is more than a tender mind can handle. Look at what’s been said anent the imaginary and illusive Russian hack. The constant refrain of contamination and attack without so much as a shred and ort of evidence. Details, details, m’boy. Enjoy. Or not. It’s your call.