Sign the World Freedom Declaration – Oppose IHR amendments

The Health Freedom Defense Fund – a US-based non-profit – has published an open declaration opposing the planned amendments to the International Health Regulations. Kit broke down the proposed changes in detail in yesterday’s article. Suffice to say, they amount to a massive threat to both individual liberty and national sovereignty. You can read the …

Sign the Petition: Say “No” to Mandatory Vaccination in Australia

A new petition is ongoing, calling on the government of Australia to rule out making Covid19 “vaccination” mandatory. Under new laws, the experimental shots are already mandatory for certain employment sectors and there are rumours this policy will soon spread to the population at large. Even if the government doesn’t make them mandatory, Australia already …

Soros inspired petition aims at banning Steve Bannon from entering UK (Video)

At 87, Billionaire George Soros is pledging another $18 billion of his fortune to his neo-liberal Open Society Foundation (leaving Soros with a personal wealth of $8 billion) to further “support” European Union initiatives that continue to destroy and destabilize the nation-state.
In May, Soros addressed the European Council on Foreign Relations, issuing a warning that “the European Union is in an existential crisis. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.”
Europe’s existential danger is “no longer a figure of speech… it is the harsh reality,” said Soros.

Jeff Bezos net worth hits $140BN as his WaPo employees beg for living wage (Vide)

Washington Post employees are revolting over “shocking pay practices” at the newspaper, as they petition Amazon CEO and WaPo owner Jeff Bezos to “share the wealth”…of which today stands at $140 Billion.
Over 400 Washington Post employees have signed a public petition addressed to Jeff Bezos begging him to improve working conditions and poor pay at the iconic newspaper.
The petition follows over a year of unsuccessful negotiations with upper management.