Trump Caps off Law and Order Legacy With Record Executions, No Mercy for Whistleblowers

Missing from Trump's flurry of last-minute pardons were Snowden, Assange, or Reality Winner. Instead, the president will leave office with a record number of executions under his belt and a slew of pardons for political allies.
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The Trump Pardons and Fast-Tracking Capital Punishment

Measuring Trump the Man: Pardons and Capital Punishment Among the disquieting dimensions of this strangest of all Christmas holidays has been the lurid spectacle of misplaced empathy by Donald Trump, placatingcronies and criminals who helped him circumvent law and morality while exhibiting hard heartedness toward those unfortunate souls awaiting execution on death row in federal […]

How Long Will It Take For Señor Trumpanzee To Pardon Roger Stone?

In preparation for pardoning some of his cronies-- particularly Roger Stone who has a lot of serious dirt on Trump-- Trump continued pardoning random corrupt people this week, yesterday San Francisco 49ers owner Edward DeBartolo Jr., a real estate developer who was convicted in a huge gambling fraud scandal that sounds very much like something that could have been Trump.

When Will Pardons Come For Trump's Convicted Cronies? When It Serves Trump's Own Interests... And Not A Day Sooner (Or Later)

FORE! by Nancy OhanianI think it's inevitable that Trump will pardon all his convicted criminal cronies who are in-- or soon ti be in-- prison. If the question is just when, count on hearing "demands" for a blanket pardon all over Fox News for a week or so "forcing Trump's hand." The White House will give Fox the signal when to begin the operation.

Midnight Meme Of The Day!

by NoahWhoomp there it is! Donald J. Trump is the War Crimes President! Trump has pardoned the 3 now infamous military personnel who went way too far and decided there's no need for a legal system of any kind. Dictators, military personnel, civilians; it doesn't matter to Trump. If someone sees themselves as judge, jury, and executioner. they're Trump's kind of person.

What If Trump Loses And Refuses To Leave? Would America Want A Satwant Singh and Beant Singh To Step Up To The Plate?

I've been a Biden watcher since the 1970s and, although my disdain for him has ebbed and flowed, my opinion of him has never gotten as high as "tolerable"-- and most of the time it was far lower. He has never been someone I would have ever considered voting for-- and still isn't. The lesser of two evils is still evil... and Joe Biden is not some minor evil, not by a long shot.