Politically Conditioned Funding in Palestine

Over the last two decades, funding in Palestine has become tied to ever-increasing restrictive conditions that are used to control and limit Palestinian civil society. We partnered with Al- Shabaka and Badil to produce the visual illustrating how restrictive funding supports Israeli colonial policies, depoliticizes Palestinian society, criminalizes resistance to Israeli colonization, and thwarts Palestinian […]

“The US and UK are complicit with the Israeli apartheid and racist regime”: interview with Sami, the Bedouin

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator The armed conflict between the Palestinian people of the West Bank and Gaza continues against the Israeli forces who maintain the over 5 million residents under a brutal military occupation, with no human rights, and no freedom in sight. Steven Sahiounie of MidEastDiscourse interviewed Sami, the Bedouin, a Palestinian […]

Meaningless rhetoric from the PA and the international community over Ein Samiyah

By Ramona Wadi | MEMO | May 30, 2023 As Israeli colonial violence resulted in the forced displacement of the 200 residents of Ein Samiyah in Area C of the Occupied West Bank, the range of reactions, from silence to pathetic commentary, only increased impunity for the settler-colonial enterprise. A day after Al Jazeera reported on the recent […]

The Anti-Anti-Semitism Follies

CJ Hopkins Roll up, roll up, because it’s time once again for The Anti-Anti-Semitism Follies! That’s right, folks, it’s everyone’s favorite unintentionally slapstick theatrical revue, featuring an all-star line-up of uproarious propagandists, side-splitting corporate media clowns, babbling British Labour MPs, the all-singing, all-dancing Berlin Police Department, and other zany anti-anti-Semites! Grab your popcorn and sit …

China calls on Israel to ‘stop encroaching’ on Palestinian land

Israeli forces secure demolition of a building belonging to Palestinians claiming that it was unlicensed at Jabel Mukaber Neighborhood in East Jerusalem on May 24, 2023 [Mostafa Alkharouf – Anadolu Agency] MEMO | May 26, 2023 China has called on Israel to “stop encroaching” upon Palestinian territory and resources, as Tel Aviv continues to allow […]

Censorship of Indigenous Australians and Palestinians, Stan Grant, Julian Assange, and Truth Tellers

Eminent Australian and Indigenous journalist, Stan Grant, was recently driven  to resign from the ABC (the tax-payer-funded Australian equivalent of the UK BBC) as compere of the high-rating Q+A TV program by a flood of devastating racist abuse  after he participated in a  frank and truthful ABC discussion of the British  Crown and genocidal colonialism on […]

Fact Checking Reuters On Palestine And The Attempt To Censor Palestinian Identity

A recent series of events in Palestine-Israel have gone underreported in Western corporate media, while the same big-tech that virtue signals about being opposed to bigotry takes racist steps to erase Palestinian identity. Reuters, one of the most trusted media sources on the planet did not fact-check its reporting on the murder of a Palestinian Read More...