A New Order: A Globalized Encyclical Following Pachamama – Part 1- Jay Dyer / Snek

Snek joins me to cover the sobering facts concerning the new papal encyclical, Fratelli Tutti of Pope Francis which sent shockwaves throughout the Roman Catholic world.  Was it somehow salvageable or was it the next logical stage after Vatican 2 and pacha mama?  Snek and I will deconstruct the work as well as the utterly […]

The Role of the Church Fathers: Replying to Bishop Barron – Jay Dyer / Snek

 Snek joins me to cover a key point in regard to contrasting the Second Vatican Council’s attempt to integrate the “eastern” and “patristic” insights and attitudes so the “church” can “breathe with both lungs.”  Of course, the Orthodox Church never lost the patristic mind and never had a need to “return” to a period […]
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Fatima, Forgeries, Frauds & Fantasies: Jay Dyer / Snek / George (Free Half)

Tonight we cover the long list of papal forgeries long used for centuries to back up the more absurd papal claims, such as universal temporal and *monetary* supremacy.  We will look at the more well known examples like the Donation of Constantine, as well as lesser known documents, and in part 2 touch on Fatima and other so-called “apparitions” which now replace the  authentic direct experience of God with superstition and histrionics.  The full talk is available for subscribers to

Pope Francis to Open Ecumenical Dialogue with Mola Ram

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By: Jay Dyer
Rome, Italy.
Pope Francis this week signaled a new era of openness and ecumenical dialogue with brothers from other traditions by including Mola Ram and the traditional adherents of the Thuggee Rite.   “With the demise of the British Empire and rise of secularism, the Thuggee were able to survive as a form of catacomb church, just like the early martyrs,” a spokesman for the Pope explained.

Top 10 Reasons I’m Not Roman Catholic – Jay Dyer

In this video we continue the series from yesterday’s video on why I am not Protestant. Here I cover ten top reasons I am not Roman Catholic. I focus on Vatican I, the papacy, doctrinal development, Uniates, Filioque, absolute divine simplicity, the Vatican Bank and many, many more glaring innovations of the last millennium that are central features of papalism. Papalism ends up in sola Papam – the entire religion ends up revealing around the pope and papal apologists are all papal lawyers.


The Ochelli Effect – Resistance War Against America

From The Resistance War Against America is better known as The Vietnam War. Mike Swanson is currently working on a series of books devoted to the war. Chuck and Mike discussed a wide range of individuals and historical realities related to many aspects of the conflict. Chuck discusses the flow of events in 1967 […]