Thoughts on the Left’s Response to Capitalism’s Global Death Spiral

For those whose personal and political identities are virtually indistinguishable, these are especially vexing times. Specifically, during this historical stage of capitalism it’s challenging to abide by Gramsci’s optimism of the will and heart and not acquiesce to pessimism of the mind, to the intellect’s awareness of certain recalcitrant realities in our world. And residing […]

The Delusional Commitment to the Doctrine of “Full Spectrum Dominance” is leading the U.S. and the World to Disaster

The 21st Century was supposed to be the century of continued and unchallenged global dominance by the U.S., at least that was the plan advanced by the right-wing political hacks at the Project for a New American Century (PNAC). Their optimism was understandable. With the dismantling of the Soviet Union, it was reasonable that the […]

Women’s Tennis Association and the West Will Make a Mess of Peng Shuai’s Disappearance

You can choose to like or not China’s millennial system of justice and redress, nonetheless this is what you need to know about tennis star Peng Shuai and why she disappeared. Peng Shuai is a world ranked tennis player in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), with Wimbledon (2013) and French Open (2014) doubles championship trophies […]

Saving Social Security

Financial constraints indicate that Social Security (SS) has a precarious future. Ignored is that Social Security history shows built-in failures that cannot be constantly repaired. Only a National Pension Plan can provide a suitable and secure financial arrangement for retirees. Fortunately, SS already has the framework for a National Pension Plan. Social Security’s Built-in-Failures The […]
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Edward Curtin: There is a Direct Link between JFK, 9/11, and Covid-19

Edward Curtin returns to discuss deep politics and what links the assassination of JFK, 9/11, and Covid-19. No president since Kennedy has dared to buck the Military-Industrial-Complex, including Trump, who is part of the same system that produced both Obama and Biden. He discusses the 1967 CIA memo which told mainstream media to use the […]

The Majority Have Rejected the ANC

Only around a quarter of people eligible to vote chose to cast their votes for the ANC in the recent election. The mass stay away from the polls is a mass rejection of the ANC, along with the DA and the EFF which could not attract the support of significant numbers of former ANC voters. […]
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Climate Change-impacted Island Nations, Tropical Countries and Indeed the World Will Punish Climate Criminal Australia

The corrupt, mendacious, racist, anti-science, and climate criminal National Party-Liberal Party Coalition that rules climate criminal Australia has succeeded in sabotaging the COP26 Climate Change Conference (as it has all previous climate conferences) in 10 key ways: (1). Racist ignoring of the right of Developing Countries with relatively low “GDP per capita” and “GHG pollution […]

Covid-19 Fallout: “There is something terribly wrong with this country”

As November 5 neared, I did something cliché but nonetheless powerful. I re-watched the film, V for Vendetta. It always resonated with me in a variety of ways. During Occupy, it felt omnipresent due to the endless sea of masks. But in 2021, it plays like a documentary. Another cliché perhaps but I challenge you […]

Generational, Historical, Familial, Capitalism Trauma

Whew, the realities of so many people as part of the walking wounded in high and low places. The landscape in USA, now Canada, UK and parts of Europe, where the Capitalists buff their gold-plated toilets and polish their collection of cars, there are hundreds of millions of people, rudderless, broken, flayed, laid prostrate from […]
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