Operation Gladio

Gladio Links Remain Unsolved as Sweden Identifies New Olof Palme Assassin

Last week, Swedish authorities held a press conference to announce that they had finally identified the real killer of controversial Swedish Prime Minister, Olof Palme, gunned down outside of a theater more than 30 years ago. The third man accused of murdering the head of state since the shocking incident took place more than thirty years ago.

Let’s Make A Deal: Usreal Kurds Capture Final ISIS Held Territory

 I’ve been expecting this all week... Just had to keep watching the news reportsThe free pass  has been the standard mode of operation when the ‘heat is on’ (allegedly) between Kurds and ISIS. Yup, the usual deal was made after the ISIS proxies, with assistance of their guns ablazing SDF partners, displaced the civilians by terrorizing them... PressTV