Church, Papacy, Schism: The Bizarre Metaphysics of the Papacy – Jay Dyer

 Today we will look at a classic work that critiques the papacy from a different vantage point.  In an atmosphere of debate that is dominated by throwing outdated, debunked and forgery-based arguments back and forth: Dr. Sherrard’s book is an excellent philosophical critique of the papacy, or more properly philosophical theology.   Although we […]

Open Forum Debate / AMA / Q n A – Apologetics, Pagans, Atheism, Roman Catholics

Today we are having open forum with the discord voice room where you can challenge me, chat with me, debate me, or ask questions.  We haven’t done this in a couple months and the response last week was good.  Any topics or questions outside of the YT policies won’t be read.   Superchat via Streamlabs. […]

Essence, Energy & Aristotle – Dr. David Bradshaw, Jay Dyer, Fr Dcn Ananias

The eminent Orthodox scholar and professor Dr. David Bradshaw, author of the well-known book Aristotle: East and West joins me and Lewis and Fr. Dcn Dr. Ananias to discuss all the hot topics – Aristotle and his different use in East and West, the Orthodox fathers and philosophy, the essence – energy distinction in Aristotle and beyond, the Logos and the Logoi, the western conception of simplicity in Aquinas and Roman Dogma, natural theology, and the critics.

Proof of God’s Existence & Logos – Jay Dyer with Rational Rise

#logos #philosophy #atheism James Higgins asked me on to discuss the transcendental argument and my previous debates. We assess the Matt Dillahunty debate, the Stefan debate and more, as well as discussing logic, metalogical claims and the notion of energies and the Trinity, as well as my analyses of Hollywood films.


Desiring Machines in the Age of Biocapitalism

The sophistication of our technological tools, with causality levels proper of the current interplanetary biocapitalism, have shot out the formation of new multicausal contexts, dispositionally bearers of new rules that trigger new causalities with systemic effects of global erasure of the dialectic molecularity that determined the dynamics relations of production/productive forces, with loss of autonomy on the part of the workers.

Defense of Metaphysics & Traditional Philosophy 1 – Jay Dyer

Many objections and challenges have come in recently after the last couple debates so I thought it would be useful to do a stream specifically on several fundamental philosophical questions and challenges. Most people are not familiar with the basics of philosophy, yet attempt to engage in debates and discourses on highly philosophic subjects. In this talk we will consider the three branches once again, as well as the assumptions of these branches and modernity’s deconstructing of them leading to atheism and scientism.