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Dissident Voice - 2020-01-04 - Original post - cached version

Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC, October 2011

Clearing the FOG cohosts, Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, interviewed journalist and author Chris Hedges about the significant events of 2019 and what activists must prepare for in 2020 and beyond. Hedges covered uprisings and wars in the...

Porkins Policy Review - 2019-02-28 - Original post - cached version

Writer and filmmaker John Potash joined me to discuss his latest documentary Drugs As Weapons Against Us. We talked about the main thesis behind the film and the original book. We discussed about the CIA’s involvement in the LSD movement in the 1960’s with groups like The Brotherhood of...

Dissident Voice - 2019-02-19 - Original post - cached version

We are living amongst the largest generation of young people in history; young people who are better educated, better informed and more widely connected than ever before. Around 42% of the world’s population is under 25 years of age, 25% are under 15 – that’s 1.8 billion. The largest group is in...

Dissident Voice - 2019-01-17 - Original post - cached version

Murdering Truthsayers 

I am thinking of Karen Silkwood for some odd reason. Murdered November 13, 1974 as a twenty-eight-year-old labor union activist and chemical technician working for a nuclear power plant, Kerr-McGee Cimarron River nuclear facility in Crescent, Oklahoma. The industry...

Dissident Voice - 2018-10-13 - Original post - cached version

The radical attack on our constitutional right to protest in Washington, DC needs to be stopped. The National Park Service (NPS) has published proposed rules that would curtail First Amendment rights to assemble, petition the government and exercise free speech in the nation’s capital....

Dissident Voice - 2018-10-12 - Original post - cached version

When the global financial crisis resurfaces, we the people will have to fill the vacuum in political leadership. It will call for a monumental mobilisation of citizens from below, focused on a single and unifying demand for a people’s bailout across the world....

Dissident Voice - 2018-09-03 - Original post - cached version

Jail Bankers Not Protesters, Occupy Wall Street, 2011 (Photo by Stan Honda for AFP-Getty Images)

Ten years ago, there was panic in Washington, DC, New York City and financial centers around the world as the United States was in the midst of an economic collapse. The crash became the...

Dissident Voice - 2018-05-25 - Original post - cached version

My previous post was about the firing of a cartoonist, Dieter Hanitzsch, by the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung after its editor became concerned – though, it seems, far from sure – that a cartoon he had published of Benjamin Netanyahu might be anti-semitic. Here is the image again.

Dissident Voice - 2018-01-28 - Original post - cached version

Bitcoin’s price explosion made news headlines this last year. Topics of digital assets entered onto dinner tables and friendly chats at work places. Fever of the digital gold rush that has swept mainstream finance became contagious. Institutional funds are now entering into cryptos, seemingly...

Dissident Voice - 2017-12-28 - Original post - cached version

The year 2017 has been another active year for people fighting on a wide range of fronts. The Trump administration has brought many issues that have existed for years out into the open where they are more difficult to deny – racism, colonialism, imperialism, capitalism and patriarchy and the...

Dissident Voice - 2017-12-09 - Original post - cached version

Living on the canals and rivers of London for many years, I came within close quarters of some of that city’s most desperate inhabitants, namely those who live on narrowboats because living in London has, in recent years, become horrifically expensive and beyond the means of most, even when flat...

Dissident Voice - 2017-11-15 - Original post - cached version

We are living in times of increased global economic injustice, suspicion against the establishment and a political terrain that is being redrawn to such an extent that few analysts really understand what is happening. Rarely have we seen such political mobility and possibility for change. But...

Burning Blogger - 2017-08-25 - Original post - cached version

In the article on the Charlottesville unrest and the broader issues of sectarian rifts and societal breakdown, I wrote about the possible psy-op properties and divide-and-conquer strategy being applied. I also wrote that ‘our hope should be that the majority of people are more intelligent and...

Dissident Voice - 2017-06-05 - Original post - cached version

Author’s Note: This is the second and final part of my call-to-arms series “The REAL Trump Resistance: An Anti-Duopoly Occupy.” Given the importance I attach to its message, it’s written to be understood on its own. But for still deeper understanding—especially for supporters of third parties—...

Dissident Voice - 2017-05-04 - Original post - cached version

How is it possible that so many people still die from severe malnutrition and lack of access to basic resources in the 21st century? The time has come for a huge resurgence of the spirit that animated Occupy protests from 2011, but now focused on the...

Burning Blogger - 2017-01-16 - Original post - cached version

Now that the electoral college has has confirmed Trump’s presidency and his inauguration approaches, I wanted to address the shape of the incoming Trump administration, the dangers, the sensibilities. And why there is legitimate, palpable reason for concern and anxiety that isn’t anything to do...

Dissident Voice - 2017-01-08 - Original post - cached version

The Uppity Negro

On April 4th, 1968, a single bullet forever silenced the man J. Edgar Hoover called “the most dangerous Negro in America”.  A patsy named James Earl Ray would die in prison for the dirty deed, only to be exonerated after his death.  Martin Luther King’s family,...

Burning Blogger - 2016-11-15 - Original post - cached version

Before commenting on the protests still going on around America, I want to establish two things first. Firstly, Donald Trump won the election: eventually that will simply have to be accepted. Second, I really don’t have a clear sense of what’s going on at the moment behind the scenes or of what...

Dissident Voice - 2016-11-12 - Original post - cached version

Any act that tries to contribute towards ending the prevalent suffering caused by absolute poverty is, in itself, the purest expression of a sharing economy via the heart, via our maturity and via common sense, especially if that act is focused on trying to persuade our political representatives...

Dissident Voice - 2016-05-19 - Original post - cached version

The dynamics of capitalism is postponement of enjoyment to the constantly postponed future.

— Norman O. Brown, Life Against Death: The Psychoanalytical Meaning of History, 1959

Is There No Alternative? Thinking Outside the Ballot Box

Are we happy...

Dissident Voice - 2016-04-03 - Original post - cached version

Now, then, in order to understand white supremacy we must dismiss the fallacious notion that white people can give anybody their freedom.

– Stokely Carmichael, “Black Power“, Voices of Democracy, 1966

It’s a living felony, minute by minute, poor person by...

Dissident Voice - 2016-03-12 - Original post - cached version

American exceptionalism presents an election made in hell

If the American presidential election winds up with Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump, and my passport is confiscated, and I’m somehow FORCED to choose one or the other, or I’m PAID to do so, paid well … I would vote for Trump....

Giza Death Star - 2016-02-02 - Original post - cached version

4.95/5 (21) Not all the stories I've been getting have concerned mind manipulation efforts, and certainly 2o16 has also started out with some interesting news in the financial sectors as well. Consider what's happening in Spain.…


Dissident Voice - 2016-01-14 - Original post - cached version

Research by Dr. David Bailey provides empirical evidence for what many activists and campaigners have long suspected: that we have entered a prolonged period of dissent characterised by an escalation in the magnitude and diversity of public protest. The UK-based data clearly indicates that the...

Dissident Voice - 2016-01-06 - Original post - cached version

Kevin Zeese has long amazed me because of the number of things he does to make a better world. Mondays he does a radio program with Margaret Flowers called Clearing the FOG, which is one of the best alternative programs in the world, informing people of what is happening beyond the narrow scope...

Dissident Voice - 2015-12-17 - Original post - cached version

My writing has been dedicated to overthrowing the oligarchs and plutocrats who have made a USA-inc.-hell of the nation, replete with an empire based on the greed of ruling scum. These bastards are the lowest form of life and if they all died today, the world would be a better place.


Dissident Voice - 2015-10-31 - Original post - cached version

Confusion reigns in the Democratic and Republican primaries. Huffington Post political reporters write, “It’s Time to Admit: Nobody Knows Anything about the 2016 Campaign,” now that “the old ‘rules’ of presidential politics no longer seem to apply.”

Why the confusion? Media pundits have...

Dissident Voice - 2015-10-19 - Original post - cached version

Recently, I received a message from Walaa Alghussein, a wonderful journalist from Gaza, about unfolding events in Palestine. In few, but very prescient words, she summed up the on-going explosive resistance on the ground: “cheers to the 90’s generation . . . it’s proving that this generation of...

Dissident Voice - 2015-06-17 - Original post - cached version

Governments and the illiberal cherish Magna Carta not despite its lack of legal significance, but because of it.

— David Allen Green, Foreign Policy, June 15, 2015

Idolatry is the natural consequence of abuse and disregard.  Forget something, and revere it...

Dissident Voice - 2015-05-14 - Original post - cached version

A complex class system exists in the United States, but the mass media and political rhetoric generally reduces it to three components — one middle class, and two economic generalizations — rich and the poor. Indeed the term “class” itself, as a means of defining the economic and social status...

Dissident Voice - 2015-05-08 - Original post - cached version

There is a tendency for democratic self-governing institutions to become oligarchies, specifically because elite interests within these institutions are prioritized over the needs of their members. According to researchers, such as Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page, and conservative theorists,...

Dissident Voice - 2015-05-06 - Original post - cached version

Anarchy is synonymous with chaos and disorder. It is a term that stands in direct contrast to the archetype of society we have become accustomed to: hierarchical, highly-structured, and authoritative. Because of this, it carries negative connotations. Merriam-Webster, the consensus source of...

Dissident Voice - 2014-11-19 - Original post - cached version

Several years ago the Occupy movement captured the imagination of an American public disillusioned with the country’s socioeconomic system, which had failed to provide them with a standard of living commensurate with wealth of the richest country in the history of the world. Occupy provided a...

Dissident Voice - 2014-10-11 - Original post - cached version

Each October 7 for the last three years, the date of the US invasion of Afghanistan, members of Veterans For Peace and their allies have gathered at the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Lower Manhattan for a soulful ceremony. Their purpose: to mark another year of a war in Afghanistan and call for...

Dissident Voice - 2014-09-24 - Original post - cached version

Dennis Trainer Jr. (of recently appeared on Abby Martin’s “Breaking the Set“.

Mr Trainer spoke about the anniversary of the Occupy Movement and was suggesting the Movement now focus its efforts on the issue of climate change. I think he was mistaken.

One of the most...

Dissident Voice - 2014-08-05 - Original post - cached version

This week a look into Israel’s racism, riots in Paris in solidarity with Gaza, resistance to oil and gas infrastructure in Turtle Island, including actions in Utah, Vermont, Washington, 6 Nations and Unist’ot’en, the defense of Pizzeria Anarchia in Austria, PETA’s latest asshole move, new music...

Dissident Voice - 2014-07-26 - Original post - cached version

A recent essay by Harvey E. Whitney, Jr., titled “The ‘People’s Thesis’ in Environmental History,” opens by saying that it’s “chic” to analyse “history and/or ideas” with a “prominent platform” to something called the “people’s thesis”.

It’s a bit difficult to comment accurately on the...

Dissident Voice - 2014-07-16 - Original post - cached version

It has been 10 years of dormancy for the peace movement: a full decade since the thriving demonstrations of the early Bush years gave way to liberal demands that the focus shift to defeating the president at the ballot box. This fixation remained through the two ensuing presidential elections,...

Dissident Voice - 2014-06-27 - Original post - cached version

The mode of contemporary living is in many ways dysfunctional. There are the obvious and painful daily signs that affirm this: the thirteen or so wars taking place; the fact that half the world’s population live impoverished lives on less than $2 a day, 80% on under $10 a day. Most of us live...

Dissident Voice - 2014-06-26 - Original post - cached version

In Part 1 of the World of Resistance (WoR) Report, I examined today’s global order – or disorder – through the eyes of Zbigniew Brzezinski, a former U.S. National Security Adviser and long-time influential figure in foreign policy circles. Brzezinski articulated what he refers to as humanity’s “...

Dissident Voice - 2014-06-16 - Original post - cached version

Ralph Nader wrote a very perceptive essay in the wake of the edifying defeat of the despicable arch-imperialist, Israel Firster and reliable servant of Wall St. Banksters, Eric Cantor, at the capable hands of the libertarian leaning Professor David Brat.  It was titled “Can Progressives Learn...

Dissident Voice - 2014-06-10 - Original post - cached version

The truth is that no government will allow a protest to go on endlessly to the extent that it begins to destabilise the country and economy.

– Wei Ling Chua, Tiananmen Square “Massacre”?: The Power of Words vs. Silent Evidence, 100.

Last Sunday, I was with...

Dissident Voice - 2014-06-08 - Original post - cached version

 Let’s Be Honest

Despite the seeming popularity of environmental and social justice work in the modern world, we’re not winning. We’re losing. In fact, we’re losing really badly.1

Why is that?

One reason is because few popular strategies pose real threats to power....

Dissident Voice - 2014-05-20 - Original post - cached version

Occupy activist Cecily McMillan, convicted on May 5 of second-degree felony assault of a New York cop whom she and witnesses claimed had grabbed her breast from behind, bruising it, stood her ground before her sentence was rendered, refusing the judge’s insistence that she should “take...

Dissident Voice - 2014-04-27 - Original post - cached version

[The] self-alienation [of humanity] has reached such a degree that it can experience its own destruction as an aesthetic pleasure of the first order.
– Walter Benjamin1

At the end of last year, the Humanist Workers for Revolutionary Socialism (HWRS)...

Dissident Voice - 2014-03-06 - Original post - cached version

As the Sharing Spring kicks off, more and more people are participating in localised forms of sharing in response to the failures of government and big business. While this is right and imperative, it is equally vital that citizens call upon their political representatives to integrate the...

Dissident Voice - 2014-02-28 - Original post - cached version

President Kennedy never foresaw that the chickens would come home to roost so soon…

— Malcolm X, December 1, 1963

“Americans love to fight, traditionally. All real Americans love the sting and clash of battle… you are here because you are real men and all...

Dissident Voice - 2014-02-03 - Original post - cached version

This is a very dangerous drift in our American thinking. Kristallnacht was unthinkable in 1930; is its descendant ‘progressive’ radicalism unthinkable now?

– Tom Perkins, January 24, 2014, in the Wall Street Journal

Thomas James Perkins was born in 1932...

Dissident Voice - 2014-01-27 - Original post - cached version

“Are Adjunct Professors the Fast-Food Workers of the Academic World?” Is this provocative, evocative, adversarial, or emblematic of an age of casino capitalism, corrupted Admin Class, and a see/ hear/speak no evil compliant groups of people who are in the 20 percent? Not One Percenters, for sure...

Dissident Voice - 2014-01-11 - Original post - cached version

Scott Sorensen is an artist, activist, and master of alternative accommodations currently living in Jackson, Mississippi. He lives in a tent in a friend’s backyard (he was there first) and has been there for two years and counting. He paints, smokes, paints, sleeps, works with Occupy Jackson,...


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