NWO Tyranny

Revealed: Woke Gen. Mark Milley Drafted Embarrassing Resignation Letter Under Trump

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation: Woke General Mark Milley drafted a cringeworthy letter of resignation after President Donald Trump ordered Lafayette Square cleared of violent Black Lives Matter rioters in June 2020. After BLM rioters set fire to the historic St John’s Church across from the White House and started looting local shops and attacking people in […]

Will The Assassination Of President Trump Be The Final Solution Of The Nazicrat Party?

by Chad Miller, DC Clothesline: In the hot off the press aftermath of the Democrat FBI gestapos recent raid of president Trump’s Palm Beach, Florida residence at Mar-A-Lago, now we have former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik Tweeting out to tell us the last resort for this criminal uni-party establishments riding themselves of […]

The Kremlin has demonstrated that Russia is reluctant to take decisive action

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts: The Kremlin has demonstrated that Russia is reluctant to take decisive action.  That doesn’t mean Russia won’t.  Indeed, the Kremlin’s reluctance almost guarantees that Russia will be forced into decisive action. Ukraine steals Russian  assets — https://www.rt.com/business/560345-ukraine-seized-russian-assets/ — and Ukraine outside Donbass is permitted life as a country at peace. There […]

SoftBank Lost $39 Billion in 6 Months, Wiping Out the Bubble Gains of the Vision Funds Since 2017: Easy Come, Easy Go

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street: Now trying to avoid “a blow that would be irreversible.” SoftBank reported its biggest loss in history, as it said in its presentation today, of ¥3.16 trillion, or about $23.5 billion, for the quarter through June (its fiscal Q1), mostly due to mega-losses in its Vision Fund segment, and some […]

Without Any Legislative Powers, the Fed Is Rewriting the Law and Creating a Permanent $500 Billion Bailout Facility for Wall Street

by Pam Martens and Russ Martens, Wall St On Parade: The Fed is doing something it’s never been allowed to do in its 109 years of operation. And, it’s doing it without any pushback from Congress. The Fed draws its statutory authority from the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 which created the Fed’s “discount window” […]

China Just Made A Move That Could Literally Provoke A Major War With The United States

by Michael Snyder, The Economic Collapse Blog: If the Chinese don’t end their blockade of Taiwan, the Biden administration will be under immense pressure to respond.  So let us hope that cooler heads prevail in China and that a decision is soon made to end the pointless “military exercises” that the Chinese are currently conducting.  […]

Bank failures coming: Raft of federally insured banks compromised by unwise over-investment in failing cryptocurrencies and exchanges

by JD Heyes, Natural News: It’s bad enough that millions of cryptocurrency investors have lost nearly all of their initial money after the industry began crashing earlier this year, but now it looks as though federal taxpayers are also going to be on the hook. According to a report by Wall Street On Parade, Sen. Elizabeth Warren […]