NWO Tyranny

CDC Is Investigating a “Large, Ongoing” Outbreak In Florida Of “Rare Disease”

by Mac Slavo, SHTF Plan: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating a large, ongoing outbreak in the state of Florida. The outbreak is said to be a “rare disease.” The spread of meningococcal among homosexual males, including those with HIV, in Florida, is ongoing. But there’s a solution, and the ruling class […]

Roe decision brings us incredible CLARITY on the LUCIFERIANS running the abortion child sacrifice cult

by Mike Adams, Natural News: It’s all the same pool now: the left-wing vaccine pushers, abortion instigators, LGBT indoctrinators, child groomers, transgender genital mutilators, pedophiles and luciferians… they have become a homogenized group of death cult practitioners who feed on children while working to destroy every Christian person or pro-life on planet Earth. And now in the […]


from State Of The Nation: How convenient: “the Ashkenazi Jewish bloodline is practically immune to the spike protein” SOTN Editor’s Note: The following exposé presents what is perhaps the most important scientific data/info which proves not only that the Covid vaccines were deliberately weaponized to carry out a systematic depopulation of the planet, but also who’s really […]

The Plot Behind Covid

by Lew Rockwell, Lew Rockwell: One of the saddest aspects of the fake propaganda about Covid-19 is that it is being used to stir up hostility toward China. Didn’t the virus start there, the propagandists suggest, maybe as the result of experiments in a Chinese lab in Wuhan? Brain-dead Biden and the gang of neocons […]

The Collapse Of The Republic Around 2032

from Silver Doctors: “…republic is the worst form of government…gold will go up…” Martin Armstrong on Palisades Gold Radio Tom welcomes back to the show, Martin Armstrong. Martin discusses his economic confidence model and his study of historic economic patterns. Studying all the historic booms and busts, he developed a model around investor expectations. Every inflation wave […]

11 Of The Most Notable Reactions To The Supreme Court Decision To Overturn Roe

by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream: Many people believed that the Supreme Court would never overturn Roe. v. Wade, but now it has happened.  It is one of the biggest political developments of our generation, and this Supreme Court decision has unleashed a flood of emotion all over the country.  Some of the […]

The US Government’s Plan to Partition Russia Into Small States

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts: Jens Stoltenberg, Washington’s NATO puppet, says “peace negotiations,” not Russian victory, will end the conflict in Ukraine. So, Stoltenberg is counting on the Kremlin, whose leaders have said they will never again trust the West, to sit down again with the West and again agree to another worthless […]