How Spin and Lies Fuel a Bloody War of Attrition in Ukraine

Fresh graves at a cemetery near Bakhmut, December 2022. – Photo credit: Reuters In a recent column, military analyst William Astore wrote, “[Congressman] George Santos is a symptom of a much larger disease: a lack of honor, a lack of shame, in America. Honor, truth, integrity, simply don’t seem to matter, or matter much, in […]
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‘US troops should withdraw’ if implicated in German pipeline sabotage

Free West Media | February 12, 2023 The chairman of the AfD parliamentary group, Tino Chrupalla, has called for investigative committees to be set up in connection with the attack on the Nord Stream gas pipelines. Both the Bundestag and the EU Parliament must investigate whether the US and Norway had actively participated in blowing up the […]

Wikileaks, Spies & True Crime in Norway: Wigert, Isdal Woman & Kamphius – Gita Lighthouse

YouTuber and Norway fan Gita joins me to cover some famous cases of Norway spies, deaths and disappearances: Sonja Wigert, the Isdal woman case, the recent Wikileaks disappearance of Arnjen Kamphuis and more! Her channel is here: Remember to boost that T naturally with 50% all products at using promo code ‘JAY50‘ Subscribe […]

Russia’s Constitution is among the world’s most democratic.

Eric Zuesse The preamble to a nation’s Constitution states the ultimate goal that that nation’s — the Constitution’s — writers, their Constitution (the country’s Founders’ Constitution), aims for; and, in any authentic democracy (if it IS a democratic Constitution), that nation’s Supreme Court is obligated to interpret ALL laws (the Constitutionality or NOT, of all […]

Western Intelligence Services Played Key Role in Staging Mass Riots in Iran: Moscow

Samizdat – 09.11.2022 MOSCOW – Western intelligence services played a key role in organizing mass riots in Iran and spreading further disinformation about the situation in the country, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said on Wednesday. “We note the key role of Western intelligence services in organizing mass riots in Iran and the subsequent […]

Norwegian PM for restoration of contacts with Russia: “Nothing good in isolation”

By Ahmed Adel | October 26, 2022 Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store said that Western countries should not isolate Russia and should instead establish direct communication with Moscow to resolve the exceptionally difficult situation in Ukraine. However, Norway, a NATO member, is also one of the leading countries to oppose Russia through sanctions and […]

Norwegian Schools Are Disseminating Government-Approved Covid Misinformation

BY KATHRINE JEBSEN MOORE | THE DAILY SCEPTIC | AUGUST 26, 2022 Who needs conspiracy theorists when you’ve got school books teaching children that Covid vaccines are “95% effective”? This autumn, a new school book was introduced for the ninth grade in Norway. Fabel 10 was revised in 2021/22, but has only now been introduced in schools […]