The Pink Tide Surges in Latin America

While the political balance between progressive and reactionary states south of the Rio Grande continues to tip to the left, even the corporate press pronounced Biden’s June Summit of the Americas meeting in Los Angeles a flop. Most recently, Colombia elected its first left-leaning president, following similar victories in Chile, Peru, and Honduras, which in […]
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Open Letter to the BBC: Please Stop Your Disinformation Campaign on Nicaragua

The June 23 BBC article by Bernd Debusmann, “US Immigration: They’d rather die than return to Nicaragua,” confirms that the corporate media consistently make every article on Nicaragua an attack on its Sandinista Government. Four Nicaraguans who have recently migrated to the US from the department of Esteli, who include two peasants, and two housewives […]

A Tale of Two Summits

Last week (June 8-10) there were two summits in Los Angeles, California:  the Summit of the Americas hosted by the US State Department and the Peoples Summit hosted by US and international activist organizations. The two summits were held in the same city at the same time but could not be otherwise more different. Summit […]
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Summit of the Americas Flops While Workers Summit Exposes Cracks in the Imperial Façade

Workers Summit Valentín, the man next to us in line as we made our way across the international border, asked what we had been doing in Tijuana. We had been at the Workers Summit of the Americas, organized as an alternative to Biden’s Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles. Our summit was as a […]