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What The Climate Scare And Pandemic Fearmongering Have In Common

Issues & Insights | January 7, 2022 Climate alarmists have said it’s necessary to ratchet up the fear about global warming to get the public’s attention. It’s the same story with the coronavirus outbreak. Authorities wanted to strike fear in the people, so they exaggerated the lethality of a virus deadly to only a narrow […]

Secret of ‘microwave weapons’ targeting US diplomats revealed

By Paul Robinson | RT | January 23, 2022 US diplomats and security officials suffering from a spate of unexplained health problems were victims of Russian microwave weapons, we were told time and time again. But now the CIA admits Moscow wasn’t actually behind “Havana Syndrome.” The story fits a disturbingly familiar pattern of misinformation. With each passing […]

Why RFK, Jr.’s Latest Book Didn’t Hit No. 1 on New York Times Best Sellers List

By Tony Lyons | The Defender | January 4, 2022 The New York Times reportedly bases a book’s position on its bestseller list on what they call a proprietary algorithm. Whatever their method, they favor specific books, ignore others, and rankings are often disconnected from how many copies of a book were actually sold to […]

The NY Times reports US forces ‘killed dozens in Syria.’ The reality is far worse.

By Eva Bartlett | RT | December 15, 2021 Two recent reports by the New York Times highlight some of the US’ manifold crimes in Syria, murdering untold numbers of Syrian civilians over the years, under the pretext of fighting the Islamic State. They exposed a 2019 US bombing in Baghuz, eastern Syria, which killed 70 […]

Mainstream media moves against “misinformation” in email

By Didi Rankovic | Reclaim The Net | December 14, 2021 The boundary corporate media want to establish for what they think should be policed and censored as political “misinformation” keeps expanding. The new “frontier” that seems to be shaping up, if narratives pushed by the likes of the New York Times are to be taken into […]

The Pandemicists Must Be Stopped

The Pandemicists at Work: This strange and mildly disturbing illustration actually accompanies the article, one of many cases where the NYT betray the sinister undertones of their agenda via accompanying imagery. eugyppius – December 14, 2021 Corona has vastly expanded the ranks of pandemic planners and public health botherers. Unless something is done, these people […]