New York Times

Inventing Pretexts to Bash Russia

By Stephen Lendman | April 9, 2021 Establishment media provide press agent services for US imperial interests. Russia bashing again surfaced in support of political nobody, convicted embezzler Navalny. Along with grand theft of millions of dollars for self-enrichment, he’s unindicted but guilty of sedition, serving as a CIA/NED asset, and operating as an unregistered […]

Covid-19 cases decrease in Texas as governor’s ‘NEANDERTHAL THINKING’ apparently hasn’t caused a predicted virus catastrophe

RT | March 30, 2021 Nearly three weeks on from Texas ending its mask mandate and other Covid-19 measures – leading to Governor Greg Abbott being called a murderer by media and politicians – there’s no sign of the sky falling on the Lone Star State. In fact, Texas just posted a record low in […]

Congress, in a Five-Hour Hearing, Demands Tech CEOs Censor the Internet Even More Aggressively

By Glenn Greenwald | March 26, 2021 Over the course of five-plus hours on Thursday, a House Committee along with two subcommittees badgered three tech CEOs, repeatedly demanding that they censor more political content from their platforms and vowing legislative retaliation if they fail to comply. The hearing — convened by the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Chair […]

To Western Media, Prosecuting Bolivian Coup Leaders Is Worse Than Leading a Coup

BY JOE EMERSBERGER | FAIR | MARCH 23, 2021 One can imagine an editor of the London-based Guardian (3/17/21) shaking her head sadly as she typed the headline: “Cycle of Retribution Takes Bolivia’s Ex-President From Palace to Prison Cell.”  The subhead told readers, “Jeanine Áñez’s government once sought to jail the country’s former leader Evo Morales for […]

New York Times horrified that Alex Jones can still be found via Google Podcasts

RT | March 26, 2021 Always eager to see more “guardrails” and “content curation” applied to competitors, the Gray Lady is coming after Google Podcasts, which supposedly didn’t do its homework on purging undesirable voices. Google Podcasts is a service that helps search for, subscribe to and playback podcasts, a self-publishing media that became so […]

NYT used ‘deceptive disinformation’ to smear Project Veritas, acted with ‘reckless disregard’ and ‘malice’, judge rules

RT | March 20, 2021 A defamation suit from Project Veritas against the New York Times is moving forward, as a judge has ruled the newspaper posed opinion as fact in their coverage of the conservative news outlet. A New York Supreme Court judge handed Veritas, known for its undercover and whistleblowing videos, a big “win” this […]

DOJ: Two Men Charged With Assault After Using a ‘Dangerous Weapon’ Against Officer Sicknick

Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick was reported to have been bludgeoned to death by Trump supporters with a fire extinguisher, but it was a total fabrication. The false story was the cornerstone of the impeachment charges against Donald Trump and is the excuse for new domestic-terror laws proposed by Democrats.