From Neo-liberalism to Neo-fascism : Prof Prabhat Patnaik

Eminent political economist and public intellectual, Prof Prabhat Patnaik, delivered the 7th Democracy Dialogues Series lecture on ‘From Neo-Liberalism to Neo-Fascism’ organised by the New Socialist Initiative on January 24, 2021, 6 PM IST Facebook : Abstract: FROM NEO-LIBERALISM TO NEO-FASCISM There has of late been a sudden and rapid growth of neo-fascism all … Continue reading From Neo-liberalism to Neo-fascism : Prof Prabhat Patnaik →

Soros, Clinton Foundation behind Antifa and Black Lives Matter [Video]

We often run videos with our newspieces because we know that while a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is truly worth thousands of pictures. We offer a simple, unprofessional video gleaned from Facebook, from a source called “Sergeant StickItTooYa” which despite its use of profanity, offers a very simple, clear analysis of how the riots and demonstrations around the world are being run and directed.

Morgoth's Review - Extinction Rebellion, Our Future of Bugs & Pods - Hour 1

Morgoth's Review joins Henrik to talk about the many issues facing the United Kingdom. We begin on the Extinction Rebellion, a new climate weapon the globalists use to get even more money, power and influence. We talk about the promotion of bug eating and pod living. In the second part we discuss demographics, Islamization of England, rise in knife crime, corporate support of milkshake activism and Brexit.
A video version of this show is available here.

Will Emmanuel Macron break up the EU by accident?

In the recent French election, it was received wisdom, based largely on the statements from the candidates themselves, that a vote for Marine Le Pen was a vote for Euroscepticism, some even went so far as to say that Le Pen wanted to break-up the EU.
Emmanuel Macron by contrast was painted as ‘Mr. Europe’, the man who wanted to preserve the status quo with gusto.

Where We Are And How We Got Here

Following are excerpts from the Freedom Socialist Party document “Standing on the Edge of Something Big,” adopted at FSP’s September 2016 convention. These sections analyze the political and economic nature of the times and the history leading up to today’s reality. Others examine the decline of capitalist democracy; the 2016 elections; the upsurge in class conflict and social activism; and[Read More...]