How the World’s Nazi Movement Relocated From Berlin to Washington

Eric Zuesse Nazism is a form of imperialism. In my decades-long study of billionaires and of imperialism, I’ve never yet come across a billionaire anywhere who has been anti-imperialist. Some are conservative, and some are liberal, but all of them have been pro-imperialist. Britain’s Guardian newspaper, which used to be progressive (something that no billionaire […]

Ukraine’s Nazi History

Eric Zuesse The world’s only national Constitution that includes genetic (or ‘racial’) purity as a responsibility of the Government to protect and maintain is Ukraine’s Constitution: Article 16 To ensure ecological safety and to maintain the ecological balance on the territory of Ukraine, to overcome the consequences of the Chornobyl catastrophe – a catastrophe of […]

BBC interview with Lavrov is not to be missed [Video]

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov hammered BBC interviewer Steven Rosenberg, putting the veteran journalist on his own heels several times in an outright fiery interview. It should be noted that this interview took place in Russia. It is further noteworthy that Steven Rosenberg is an excellent choice, for he himself speaks Russian in the interview. In […]

Face it, Ukraine: The West is using your country and doesn’t give a rip about you. [Video]

Redacted hit a complete home run with this piece. It is very important for everyone following this conflict to understand what the “special military operation” is about, and what the West’s cheerleading a nation to death (literally) is also about. Let’s start with Russia, since Russia is always getting called the quintessential “bad guy” in […]

Soros Is Revealed in Leaked Emails to Have Been Pro-Nazi During WW II

Eric Zuesse This is the document whose background and authenticity will subsequently be discussed here: —… Brexit et al.     1) EU   There has been a flurry of briefing papers arriving at the EU embassy in Beijing.   Core agreement is reached with UK Government. There will be problems in this passing […]

Who Owns the Power On the Streets of Kharkiv and Why Does President Zelensky Turn a Blind Eye to the Crimes of Radicals

“Fog of War” – this truthful, and therefore terrible, saying has been accurate for many years. And it does not lose its relevance, including in Ukraine, where the war has been going on for three months. As in any war, its only hostage and victim of the situation is the civilian population. Looting, lawlessness and […]