Icon & Incarnation: The Reality of Symbolism – Jay Dyer (Half)

 Today we will do the icon stream on the philosophy and reality of symbols: type, prototype, archetype and the ultimate reference point for Orthodox philosophy.  The symbolic world of correspondences in our worldview is much more than mere analogy, similitude or metaphor: For us the symbolic is directly grounded in the logical (logoi), and […]

Exploring ‘Hindu’ and ‘Muslim’ Through Medieval Sanskrit Narratives: Rahul Govind

In this guest post, RAHUL GOVIND gives us, by way of a review of Audrey Truschke’s book, a glimpse of the world of medieval Sanskrit and what they tell us about ‘Hindu’ and ‘Muslim’ identity in their own time. Why Audrey Truschke’s The Language of History is essential reading for every Indian (and Pakistani and … Continue reading Exploring ‘Hindu’ and ‘Muslim’ Through Medieval Sanskrit Narratives: Rahul Govind →

Deity of Christ? Gospel of John Chpts. 9-11 – Jay Dyer (Half)

 Today we continue the analysis of the Gospel of John from Chapter 10 and 11 where we have many deep, theological truths relating to the resurrection of the Body, the doctrine of perichoresis and the Trinity, the full Deity of Christ, the question of the visible, unitive structure of the Church as his sheepfold, […]
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France: 13-Year-Old Girl’s Story about Her Teacher that Led to his Murder Was a Lie

A 13-year old Muslim schoolgirl lied to her father when she said her history teacher gave a lecture on free speech compared to blashemy and showed cartoon drawings of a naked Mohammed to the class. When this story circulated on social networks, it led to outrage within the Muslim community and the teacher's murder.

Icons, Idols & Iconoclasm – Jay Dyer / Snek

Snek joins me to discuss the nature of iconoclasm and its gnostic roots.  Man, made in the image and likeness of God, is a little icon of the Triad, say St. Maximos and St. Gregory Palamas.  Iconography is thus a natural outworking of the incarnational principle.   The sanctification of matter is part and parcel of the Word becoming flesh. Live at 5PM CST

Dr Shabir Ally / Jay Dyer Debate: Is Jesus God Incarnate? Answers in Scripture, History & Logic

Dr. Shabir Ally joins me to discuss the Person of Christ.  What are the Orthodox Christian arguments in these three fields?  What are the Islamic arguments?  Dr. Shabir joins me for a formal debate on this topic moderated by Kyosan from the Politics Discord.  The debate is Saturday at 5PM EST. Dr. Shabir Ally can be found here, and Kyosan and the Calliopean discord can be found here:


“We Thought You Were Muslim”: Police in India Apologize for Beating Hindu lawyer

In the late afternoon of March 23, 32-year-old lawyer Deepak Bundele was on his way to a hospital in Madhya Pradesh state in central India. A diabetic, he was there to pick up lifesaving medicine. Before he could make it inside, he was accosted by local police. As he began explaining to the police what he was doing outside, one officer slapped him, whereupon he was set upon by the rest, who beat him with wooden truncheons, continuing to hit him even after he fell to the ground.

Jesus in Islam & the Bible: An Exchange – Jay Dyer / Nazam Goffoor

An impromptu discussion and exchange on the Person of Christ in the texts of the law of Moses, the prophets, the writings and the New Testament.  Nazam is an apologist who focuses on exegesis of the Koran and its relationship with other religions like Christianity and the Jewish law.  We will examine these issues. His channel is here.