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In the Crevasses Between Submission and Revolution (Part II)

Summary of Part I In Part I, I argued that the relationship between political subordination and revolution is ill-conceived if framed in a dualistic way. We are either totally submissive or at the other extreme there is revolution. However, following the work of James C. Scott’s great book Domination and the Arts of Resistance I claimed that […]

Cults, New Age Gurus, Transformational Festivals & Female Messiahs: Jay Dyer + Tristan Haggard

Tristan joins me for the stream that never was, covering his recent research into gurus and diet cults, as well as revolutionary cults and messiahs, including female messiahs. We will go back to ancient pagan worship and look at the rites and rituals as they are revived today by today’s grifters, con artists and possess3d […]

Nazi Germany, the Holy Grail and how the occult still shapes our world

This article is an edited version of something I wrote for a 2005 anthology called Underground: The Disinformation Guide to Ancient Civilizations, Astonishing Archaeology, and Hidden History) With rare exceptions, humans are not driven to commit atrocities. With rare exceptions, humans can be driven to commit atrocities. “People often are conscripted into armies, but sometimes […]

New Age Cults, Gurus & Creepers -Jay Dyer + Tristan Haggard

Tristan joins me to discuss the explosion of cults, gurus and new age decievers that have gained much attention via Internet popularity and instagram yogadom. From Teal Swan to Nature Boy to Osho to Sadhguru to many, many more, difficult times lead to people seeking mystical & religious solace in alternative viewpoints and movements when […]

Occult Spies: The Untold Story of A Dark Marriage (Partial Talk) Jay Dyer

This is an introduction to a longer lecture that will be available for subscribers to my site or on my R0kfin channel. We will delve deep into the unknown and largely unexplored relationship between the world of espionage and that of the occult: From cult leaders and mind control to films and novels exploring this […]

Top 5 Weird MIND BENDER FILMS! Inception, Dreamscape, Brainstorm & More!

Sunday night we will cover 5 weird mind bender films that have become obscure and forgotten. We will do a deep dive on Brainstorm, Dreamscape and 3 more you may not be aware of! Step into the B movie aether with me. Live MON Night at 745 PM CST Remember to boost that T naturally […]
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The New Aeon of the Hivemind: The Net, Neurohacking & Cybernetics (Half) – Jay Dyer

Tonight we will be looking at some recent clips that surfaced from Klaus & Co., as well as a mini doc on Pharmakeia that is unintentionally comical with goofy presentations promoting tranzhoomanism, and then we will cover a few elements and clips of old school propaganda. Live Thursday at 830 PM CST Remember to boost […]

The Fear Not to Be

This year marks the seventieth anniversary of the theologian Paul Tillich’s famous book, The Courage to Be.  Widely read in the days when an educated public read books, it is long forgotten.  In it, Tillich surveys the history of anxiety and fear and their relation to courage, religious faith, and the meaning of life.  His […]
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