Psy Op Documents Planning our Future: Jay Dyer on OIT

Tim invited me back to cover psy ops and white papers outlining our future. We mention the Silent Weapons document, as well as the NAT0 document relating to cognitive warfare. Remember to boost that T naturally with 60% all products at using promo code ‘JAY60’ Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access […]
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Afghanistan collapse reveals Beltway media’s loyalty to permanent war state

Biden’s popular and long overdue withdrawal from Afghanistan triggered a big media meltdown that exposed its de facto merger with the military. In the wake of a remarkably successful Taliban offensive capped by the takeover of Kabul, the responses of corporate media provided what may have been the most dramatic demonstration ever of its fealty to the Pentagon and military leadership. The media did so by mounting a full-throated political attack on President Joe Biden’s final withdrawal from Afghanistan and a […]

The rise of militias in America signals a return to its roots [Video]

Dr. Steve Turley created a masterpiece here. He details the rise of American citizen soldier units, called “militias” as they have come to take a vital role in the life of many Americans. These people, often former police officers or military servicemen and women, are taking up arms to protect their communities against lawlessness. Their […]

While Russia prays and trains for war, American forces train for gay sex [Video]

We printed a piece a few days ago, entitled “This is what a great military does: they pray to God.” Of course, we highlighted Russia, in her continuing embrace of traditional and Christian values, as reflected in the Divine Liturgy being served in the new and massive cathedral built for the Armed Forces of the […]

The Russian Defense Ministry monitors new violations of the de-escalation agreement in northern Syria.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has monitored new violations committed by the militants of the “Al-Nusra ” organization, in the “de-escalation” area in northern Syria. The Russian Reconciliation Center in “Hmeimim” stated that “Al-Nusra” terrorists carried out 33 attacks last Saturday, through rocket and artillery shells, most of them in Idlib countryside, which recorded 15 […]

DNI UFO Report: a danger to flight safety and possibly national security [Video]

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a preliminary report on its findings regarding UFO’s. The “new” name for these phenomena is “UAP”, for “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena”, and it is under this new moniker that data collection on these objects is expected to continue. The report itself is very careful in what it […]

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Satanic Altar: Sons of Sam Connection – Part 3 (Half)

 Today we move to part 3 of the serial killers, mind control and occultism series that ties the big names to the power elite, organized crime, cults, government projects and black ops, contract k1llers and even the world of entertainment.  Next in our list is the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer and even a connection between […]