Are You Feeling Safer? ‘War of the Worlds’ Pits U.S. and Israel Against Everyone Else

The media being focused on an upcoming election, coronavirus, fires on the West Coast and burgeoning BLM and Antifa unrest, it is perhaps no surprise that some stories are not exactly making it through to the evening news. Last week an important vote in the United Nations General Assembly went heavily against the United States.

America’s War on Terror is the True Cause of Europe’s Refugee Crisis


Desperate refugees crammed into cockle-shell boats landing on the shingle beaches of the south Kent coast are easily portrayed as invaders. Anti-immigrant demonstrators were exploiting such fears last weekend as they blockaded the main highway into Dover Port in order “to protect Britain’s borders”. Meanwhile, the home secretary, Priti Patel, blames the French for not doing enough to stop the flow of refugees across the Channel.

Moral Panic Over Refugees in the English Channel Is the Ugly Face of Brexit

Imagine the courage and fortitude, borne of desperation, it requires to embark on a do or die attempt to cross the sea in a dinghy from a land where you’ve already been met with the fist of fury rather than the hand of friendship, to another land where more hostility and rage awaits your arrival.

The EU Continues to Talk Utter Baloney About Libya. But What’s the Real Reason Its Warships Are in the Eastern Mediterranean?

It’s often said that the EU plays no role whatsoever in the conflict in Libya and takes no side. And given that Italy, being the odd man in Europe, supports the incumbent government and its ragtag coalition of soldiers and militias it employs fighting under the so-called GNA – whereas most EU countries are more aligned to General Haftar (supported by Russia, Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia), it’s easy to see how the EU can’t take a single position.

EU Now Mulling Erdogan’s ‘Blackmail’ Move Over Syrian Refugees at the Greek Border, Ahead of Summit

What exactly are we witnessing on the Turkish Greek border with Syrian refugees arriving there? A failure in EU immigration and asylum policy coupled to another 20 year disaster, that of Turkey-EU relations? Or simply the relationship between the blackmailer and his victim coming to a head?

Removing References to the Arab Spring Facilitates the International Narrative on Migration and Refugees

Foreign intervention – lauded by imperialism as a necessity for “bringing democracy” – has one aspect of so-called collateral damage which is abhorred and manipulated. The invasion of the Middle East and North Africa region, as decided by the White House early on in the “War on Terror” post September 11, has generated a perpetual phenomenon of refugees and forcibly displaced people seeking a semblance of normalcy in Europe.