Of Economic Crises and Pandemics: Facebook as Fact, Government as Truth, Big Pharma as God

Colin Todhunter If events since March 2020 have shown us anything, it is that fear is a powerful weapon for securing hegemony. Any government can manipulate fear about certain things while conveniently ignoring real dangers that a population faces. Author and researcher Robert J Burrowes says: …if we were seriously concerned about our world, the gravest …

Suing Meta in Kenya

Africa has been a continent exploited since the European scramble carved it out in lines of a draughtsman’s crude design. Its resources have been pilfered; its peoples enslaved for reasons of trade and profit; its political conditions manipulated to favour predatory companies. A similar pattern is detectable in the digital world. The slavers have replaced […]
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The Swiss National Bank Began Unloading its Biggest US Stock Holdings, incl. Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet, Meta

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street: It still bought Tesla though, which is down by 52%. It took massive losses. And it’s got a bunch of Imploded Stocks. The Swiss National Bank has spent years creating Swiss francs, buying dollars, euros, and other currencies with those francs, and then buying assets denominated in those currencies – […]

What Facebook Should Do About COVID-19 Misinformation – Absolutely Nothing

The Daily Sceptic has submitted a response to Meta’s request for public feedback about its COVID-19 misinformation policy. Tl;dr: the best remedy for bad speech is more speech, not enforced silence.
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Meet the Ex-CIA Agents Deciding Facebook’s Content Policy

In this new MintPress investigation, journalist Alan MacLeod finds that Facebook has recruited dozens of individuals from the CIA, as well as many more from the FBI and Department of Defense (DoD). These hires are primarily in highly politically sensitive sectors such as trust, security and content moderation, to the point where some might feel it becomes difficult to see where the U.S. national security state ends and Facebook begins. 

Senator Mark Warner asks social platforms to curb Ukraine misinformation

By Dan Frieth | Reclaim The Net | February 26, 2022 Big Tech giants are increasingly positioning themselves, and being positioned by politicians, as speech police. And ever-increasing crises are being used as a justification for it. Despite the fact that Twitter’s attempts to police inauthentic activity regarding the conflict have already gone awry, and it’s […]

‘Freedom Convoys’ gaining steam across Europe

RT | February 4, 2022 Truckers in France are reportedly planning to emulate the Canadian ‘Freedom Convoy’ by mobilizing groups of big rigs to protest vaccine mandates and other Covid-19 restrictions set by Paris. According to a BFM TV report, demonstrators plan to “paralyze” the French capital next week before joining a wider “European convergence” […]

Meta Isn’t Just About Rebranding Facebook—Could It Bring a Dystopian Future?

Facebook’s announcement has implications about digital life and work—provided it can attract younger users and gamer skeptics and overcome the hate speech and disinformation problems that could still plague Zuckerberg’s vision. On October 28, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg launched a new company brand, Meta, at the annual Facebook Connect event. According to Facebook, “Meta… brings together our apps and technologies under one[Read More...]

Meet the Nicaraguans Facebook falsely branded bots and censored days before elections

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter suspended hundreds of influential pro-Sandinista journalists and activists days before Nicaragua’s November 7 elections, falsely claiming they were government trolls. The Grayzone interviewed them to reveal the truth. (Puede leer este informe en español aquí.) MANAGUA, NICARAGUA – Just days before Nicaragua’s November 7 elections, top social media platforms censored top Nicaraguan news outlets and hundreds of journalists and activists who support their country’s leftist Sandinista government.