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Splitting Tickets Broadcast News

Splitting Tickets Broadcast News Popcorn Politics 4-6-2021 Eric Cunningham and Albert Lanier Splitting Tickets Broadcast News On this episode of Popcorn Politics, Eric Cunningham and I discuss the ongoing primaries to replace House members who’ve been confirmed to Joe Biden’s cabinet. In NM01 Melanie Stansbury won the Democratic nomination to replace the outgoing representative, [...]
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Pawns Everywhere Without Futures

Pawns Everywhere Without Futures The Ochelli Effect 4-6-2021 Mike Swanson and Emir Pawns Everywhere Without Futures On Tuesday night Chuck talked with Mike Swanson on the unpredictable future of the financial world. The markets are unreal and all the old metrics seem to fail in the new casino. The Motion Picture Industry might know [...]
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High Killing Artistic Fears

High Killing Artistic Fears The Ochelli Effect 4-5-2021 Hesher and Terry Tapp High Killing Artistic Fears Chuck ends up talking with Hesher about The George Floyd Murder Trial. Is everyone at the local C-Store high? Is everyone missing the point about Policy Enforcers killing people? Can The MSM only focus on the racial aspect [...]
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Monster Energy Florida Infrastructure

Monster Energy Florida Infrastructure Popcorn Politics 3-30-2021 Brian Kramer and Dylan Devenyi Monster Energy Florida Infrastructure On today’s episode of Popcorn Politics, Brian Kramer and I discuss the allegations of child trafficking that Congressman Matt Gaetz is facing along with news of a deal being reached on infrastructure and a 6th tied parliamentary election [...]
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New York Crazy Babies

New York Crazy Babies The Ochelli Effect 3-30-2021 Mike Swanson and Pearse Redmond New York Crazy Babies We are sorry for the delays on the podcast feed lately. Mike Swanson wanted to talk about movies. Chuck asked a few questions about financial stuff. The rise of machines is happening and hardly anyone has to [...]
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Keep Walking Dropping Plates

Keep Walking Dropping Plates The Ochelli Effect 3-29-2021 Hesher Keep Walking Dropping Plates Chuck did a face plant in public but left no bones broken. Hesher and Chuck did a fully unscripted 2 hours. Drug Wars and the culture in the shadows took up most of the conversation in the first hour. Chuck briefly [...]
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Howard Beale Still Screaming

Howard Beale Still Screaming The Ochelli Effect 3-22-2021 Albert Lanier and Terry Tapp Howard Beale Still Screaming Albert Lanier talked about Kill The Messenger and three other films about journalism. Chuck thought the films Mr.Lanier talked about were good examples of the possible results when any journalist speaks truth to power. Is the current [...]
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Freedom Gum Tweedle Dumbass

Freedom Gum Tweedle Dumbass The Ochelli Effect 3-19-2021 Roundtable Freedom Gum Tweedle Dumbass B Pete Co-Hosted the Friday Night Open Mic. Mrs. O gave us a Green Scene Report. Spent Kent and Chuck wrestle with Free Ideas and the lack of productive groupings. A live listener called Chuck Tweedle dumbass because he didn’t know [...]
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Insider Outsider Traders Politics

Insider Outsider Traders Politics The Ochelli Effect 3-16-2021 Mike Swanson and Pearse Redmond Insider Outsider Traders Politics What is happening in the retail world of investment? Is the market informed ahead of the broadcast news? Mike Swanson tried to help Chuck understand the new and old points of access to the many money games [...]
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Political Zombie Apocalypse Now

Political Zombie Apocalypse Now The Ochelli Effect 3-12-2021 Roundtable Political Zombie Apocalypse Now Do you hear what I hear? Do you see what I see? We are not getting enough callers for the Friday night show. Please send us suggestions if you want something different. We try again to tackle many issues of the [...]
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