Shireen Abu Akleh was executed to send a message to Palestinians

The execution of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh by an Israeli soldier in the Palestinian city of Jenin, along with Israel‘s immediate efforts to muddy the waters about who was responsible and the feeble expressions of concern from western capitals, brought memories flooding back from 20 years of reporting from the region. Unlike Abu […]

Reality Privileged: Orwell/Huxley/McLuhan on Steroids

You can go through life with a thousand epigrams or deep quotes that you might come back to over two, four, six decades. Then, the disrupters pop up, those techno fascists, the tinkers and culture blasters. These sociopaths who get the limelight then become part of a new set of epigrams, but not grand ones, […]
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The Latest Media Assault on Freedom

The Latest Media Assault on Freedom   b y James Bovard Prominent journalists are calling for the media to champion a “pro-democracy” bias in how they portray politicians and government agencies. But tub-thumping for democracy — or at least for politicians who claim to be pro-democracy — is a poor substitute for exposing the proliferation of […]
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NYT Pundit Thinks U.S. Should Be “Calling the Shots” in Ukraine’s War

This is a commentary upon N.Y. Times columnist Thomas Friedman’s statement on May 6 that Ukraine’s Government is and ought to be the U.S. Government’s agent in its war against Russia, not representing the interests of the Ukrainian people in it. He introduced the statement by noting that Ukraine is a bad country, a country […]

The Price of “Selective Inattention”

Humanity’s great Achilles’ heel, the flaw that may well determine our fate, was summed up in a couple of lines in the classic Simon & Garfunkel song, ‘The Boxer’: Still a man hears what he wants to hear And disregards the rest. Women, too! Erich Fromm discussed this remarkable phenomenon of ‘selective inattention’: man’s capacity […]
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Twitter: The first global Godi Media?

We all know by now, the all too familiar term Godi Media. A media which has been purchased by a particular economic or ideological entity either explicitly through a formal accusation or through other ways of inducement or coercion. Either way, the media identity; be it a print medium or a digital one ceases to report or analyse news in[Read More...]

U.S.-and-Allied ‘News’-Media’s Corrupt Dangerousness Leading to WW III

Eric Zuesse Was Iraq a national-security threat to America? Why did America invade Iraq? Was Ukraine a national-security threat to Russia? Why did Russia invade Ukraine? Iraq had no nuclear weapons, and is 6,000 miles from America. It also had no military alliance, no alliance at all, with any country that endangers America. So, why […]

What ‘Alt-News’ Media Report About Ukraine’s War that Mainstream Ones Don’t

Eric Zuesse April 29th is a typical day in the news: A good example of its news is that the anonymous great independent investigative journalist “Moon of Alabama” headlined “Ukraine Doubling Down” and reported that America and its allies are becoming depressed about the increasing success militarily of Russia against Ukraine, and that The typical […]