Squid Game EXPLAINED & Nightmare on Elm Street! Spooktober! Jay & Jamie

 Tonight we cover the much-requested Squid Game series from Netflix, its meaning and symbolism, the deeper components of economics and social order and elitism, as well as the propaganda elements, and my reaction and review to the first three Nightmare on Elm Streets, which I had never seen (except for part 1). This is […]

No Time to Die: The Meaning and Death of James Bond (Half)

 Wed night we will cover to the meaning and symbolism of 007: the propaganda, the evolution of the series, the intelligence background with Fleming and others, the symbolism and esoteric elements, including films we have yet to cover like On Her Majesty’s Secret Service with Lazenby, and more. The second half will be live […]
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Hollywood, Geopolitics & Psychological Warfare – Jay Dyer / Courtenay Turner

“In this episode Jay shares a broad strokes overview of the current geopolitical milieu, explaining some of the historical context that lead us where we are today, and where we might be headed in the future. Courtenay and Jay discuss psyops, and the goals/ plans/ history of the elites. They discuss their use of Hollywood, […]

Disney’s Cruella: The Fragmentation of a Generation’s Psyche

By: Jay Dyer Possibly no domain of culture is more openly degenerate and hellish than modern “fashion,” and when Disney presents a film on the “fashion” industry (which I have zero interest in), I knew what to expect.  Not only was this film partially about the “Illuminati” dominated fashion industry, the film was actually about […]

2001, 2010, Mad Max, Metropolis & More! Dystopia Now – Jay Dyer & Jamie (Half)

 We begin our analysis of the chronological treatment of the classic dystopian films.  The timeframe of the storylines begins with Clockwork Orange in 1980, with 1984 being next, followed by the Mad Max installments, Escape from New York, Metropolis in 2000, and then Kubrick’s 2001 and the overlooked 2010, which deals with a profound […]

Icon & Incarnation: The Reality of Symbolism – Jay Dyer (Half)

 Today we will do the icon stream on the philosophy and reality of symbols: type, prototype, archetype and the ultimate reference point for Orthodox philosophy.  The symbolic world of correspondences in our worldview is much more than mere analogy, similitude or metaphor: For us the symbolic is directly grounded in the logical (logoi), and […]

Inside the Mind of David Lynch: Esoteric Symbolism in Wild at Heart & More

 The Decameron film festival hosted online this year invited me on to do a deep dive into Lynch, the symbolism, patterns and influences on his artwork, focusing on Wild at Heart.     Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives of videos and interviews and lectures or purchase my books […]

Lil Nas X – Satanic Shoes? Jay Dyer Reveals The Secrets Of The Light Bearer!

 Documentary filmmaker and commentator Jason Bermas invited me back to cover the big picture: cults, intelligence agencies and social engineering.  Bermas has hammered home the deep analysis of NXIVM, Jeffstein Effrey and how this relates to the overall plans for a world government.  From human compromise and espionage to social engineering and mind control, […]

High Profile Rituals – Super Bowl Weirdness

Jamie Hanshaw explains the real meaning of occult Super Bowl, VMA and other award shows, including the Olympics, which demonstrate a consistent pattern of pagan, masonic, and even darker themes.   Jamie explains the symbolic meaning of the Weekend’s performance, memorable rituals involving Lady Gaga, Pink, Miley Cyrus, and more.  Get signed copies of her […]
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This Book from the 60’s Predicted Everything Happening Today!

Jay Dyer covers in studio the classic tome that reveals it all – Tragedy and Hope, which was covered in 8 lectures here.  We look at the technocracy, the fiat money system scam that is paralleled by the boom-bust rigged cycle, the power of debt and debt-slavery, Bitcoin and more!   Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in […]
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