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The Truth About LSD & Psychedelics – Terence McKenna & Jay Dyer (Half)

Ghost of Terence McKenna joins us first, then an intro to Dr. John C. Lilly: We cover new research I’ve done in the globalist books series and in relation to my new book, the sequel to Esoteric Hollywood pertaining to LSD, MK Ultra and Dr. John C. Lilly. Jollyon West dosed elephants with LSD and Lilly preferred dalliances with dolphins. Even worse, Lilly abused children and wiped their minds with LSD – here are your “great scientists.”

The More we Discover about Barry Soetoro the Less we Know about Barack Obama

Most Americans don’t know that their supposed “president”, these days known to the world as “Barack Hussein Obama, II”, once named “Soebarkah”, is actually and legally “Barry Soetoro”. Most Obama voters don’t realize they elected, then reelected, a president whom almost eight years later, we still know very little about. In fact, the more investigators find out about Barry Soetoro,…

Violent Racists: White AND Black

By Michael Hoffmanwww.revisionisthistory.orgI have returned from the Sandpoint, Idaho conference this past weekend, where Oklahoma native Justin Cottrell, who now resides in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho with his family, presented a visual slide program based on his excellent book, Black Serial Killer.To briefly summarize what many of you may already know, Whites are vastly