Philosophy, Universals & Divine Conceptualism: Feser, Aristotle & Augustine (Half)

Today I will be taking Dr. Feser’s Five Proofs book and analyzing the pros and cons.  I will start with the chapter “Augustinian Proofs” since it comes the closest to the transcendental argument for God, as well as looking at other works about the inadequacy of bare monotheism, St Basil Vs Aristotle’s “great architect of the universe god” and thus no natural theology in the Thomistic sense, as well as some rejoinders to these problems from St. Maximos, as well as Q n A and super chats.  The full lecture is for paid subs to JaysAnalysis.


Orthodox Christianity Basics – The Nous – Met. Jonah – Catechism Part 1

Catechism class part 1 from Met. Jonah. Met. Jonah covers the basics of repentance and metanoia, the healing of the nous in Orthodox soteriology and our rejection of this world and the devil. This is part 1 of a series steamed to our discord.  To support Met. Jonah and his plans to build a new monastery, you can donate here.

Monarchia of the Father & The Early Church – Al Fadi – An Interview with Jay Dyer

Join Al Fadi & Jay Dyer on a Let Us Reason Livestream PRIME
Topic: The Early Church Views on Various Doctrines!
Join Al Fadi and brother Jay Dyer (Jays Analysis) as they discuss the views taken by the early church on certain essential biblical doctrines such as the Trinity and the Monarchy of the Father.


Icons, Idols & Iconoclasm – Jay Dyer / Snek

Snek joins me to discuss the nature of iconoclasm and its gnostic roots.  Man, made in the image and likeness of God, is a little icon of the Triad, say St. Maximos and St. Gregory Palamas.  Iconography is thus a natural outworking of the incarnational principle.   The sanctification of matter is part and parcel of the Word becoming flesh. Live at 5PM CST

Mysteries of Isaiah Explained – Part 1 – Jay Dyer (Half)

The book of Isaiah is often called the 5th Gospel, and for good reason: Isaiah reveals more about the coming Messiah than any of the other major prophets, including details on His arrival, signs of His appearance, His birth, deity, death, the general resurrection, the conversion of the gentile nations to worship the true God, and much more! The second half is available for paid subscribers to JaysAnalysis.com.

The Multiverse & Big Philosophy Talk – Jimbob + Jay Dyer

Made by JimB0b joins me to discuss big philosophy questions in relation to debate, logic, life, meaning and the arts.  We will be covering atheistic materialism and its assumptions, Neoplatonism and its insights, how math relates to metaphysics, the question of the one and the many – what it is and how it relates to ontology and more! Live at 9Pm CST