From Movies to Apologetics: Jay on Freed Indeed Podcast

In this interview, we get to meet Jay Dyer. Apologist, comedian, and Orthodox Christian. We had a great time discussing Jay’s background and how he came into the Orthodox Church. As well as discussing some apologetics topics and even getting questions answered from fans regarding eschatology and theology. Freed Indeed is here. Remember to boost […]

Top 15 Books That Changed My Life!

One of the most common questions I get asked is what are my top favorite and or life-changing books, so today I compiled my list of the top 15 plus a couple honorable mentions. These books cover a variety of topics, including literature, philosophy, theology and geopolitics. The choice was hard but I narrowed it […]
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The Meaning of LOGOS: Trinity, Protestantism & Catholicism: My Infamous Red Book – Jay Dyer

Tonight I will give an overview of the Red Book along the same lines as what we did with the Meta Narratives book. The Red Book is almost 700 pages worth of polemical essays, refutations, critiques and analyses of Orthodox positions versus Protestant, Roman Catholic and atheist takes. We cover a lot of ground, and […]

An Evening With Jay Dyer Live in Nashville

Jay Dyer’s new book is out, Meta-Narratives: Essays on Philosophy & Symbolism and to celebrate we are kicking off some speaking events! About this event The KGB sorcerer is at it again with a new live event featuring an hour of absurdity and nonsense cringe, followed by an hour of total seriousness concerning the new […]
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Matt Dillahunty Vs Trent Horn Debate Review & Reaction – Jay Dyer

 In preparation and celebration of our upcoming debate tomorrow night with Trent Horn, I will be reviewing and analyzing his debate with Matt Dillahunty on the question of the resurrection. Although this debate is not directly relevant to our debate tomorrow, it is tangentially related to Trent’s apologetic methodology. Although I have not seen […]

Debate: Trent Horn Vs. Jay Dyer: Should Christians Accept Natural Theology?

“The purpose of Intellectual Conservatism is to defend the true, good and beautiful things of life that are jeopardized in mainstream academia and society. On this page, you will find artwork, music, satire, academic papers, lectures and my own projects defending the duty of conserving these true, good and beautiful things.” This debate will center […]

4 Hours of Refuting Atheists – Jay Dyer (First Half)

    A vast array of atheists made their case on discord for hours on end, and all ended up in philosophical nonsense and contradiction. Truly logic and reason are the enemies of atheism and its endgame is nihilism. Subscribe to JaysAnalysis in the Purchase Membership section to access the archives of videos and interviews and […]
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Debate! Byzantine Catholic Apologist “Benito” Vs Jay Dyer: Councils & The Pope & More

Today we will open up the discord for debate and Q n A for pagans, atheists, Roman Catholics, Muslims, etc. to come and offer their objections. Today a pagan showed up in the first few minutes for discussion and then deeper theological and philosophical issues of Actus Purus & modal collapse, then universals in Thomism. Then […]

Trinity Vs Tawhid: Debating the Orthodox Christ & Islam: Sheikh Asrar Rashid / Jay Dyer

 Sheikh Asrar Rashid joins me for a formal debate on the question of the Trinity Versus Tawhid and the Person of Christ.  Is the Islamic conception of God’s unity correct, where Christ is a prophet or is Jesus the Son of God, the Second Person of the Trinity?  The debate will be formal back […]