Taiwan after the US Elections and the RCEP has been Signed

The outcome of the US elections (whose end is still unclear), and the signing of an agreement on forming a free trade zone involving the participation of 10 ASEAN countries, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand (the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, or RCEP), are two of the most notable events in the past […]

US Walks Away From Another Treaty, Closer to Confrontation with Russia

The US has signaled a desire to withdraw from yet another agreement created specifically to reduce the likelihood of a military confrontation between the US and NATO versus Russia. The US State Department’s own Voice of America in an article titled, “US Officially Withdraws from Open Skies Agreement,” would report: The United States formally withdrew on Sunday […]

Turkey is Set on Expanding its Influence around the World

When analyzing how the political situation is developing in a particular region, various analysts and observers usually focus on the geopolitical aspirations of the United States and China, the actions taken by Russia, NATO, and individual Western states, and on the ideology espoused by radical Islamism, which has amplified the threat of terrorism in recent […]

They are Cutting the Legs out from Under the South Korean President

On November 6, 2020 a court of appeals in South Korea delivered a verdict against Kim Kyung-soo, the governor of South Gyeongsang Province who is one of President Moon Jae-in’s confidants and closest associates; he was sentenced to two years in jail for conspiring to manipulate public opinion online in favor of Moon in the […]

Australia and France in the Pacific Ocean

France is a major player in Oceania, a place where Australia, which has a leading position in this vast region of the South Pacific, has historically developed solid, neighborly relations. From the middle of the XVIII century to the present, France has owned New Caledonia (with the world’s fourth largest nickel reserves and a French […]

The Murky Foreign Actors Behind US Election Fraud

Amid documented stories of “ordinary” US election fraud for the November 3 Presidential voting, including false ID, dead voters voting and suspicious one-sided mail in votes in key Democrat-run states, more evidence points to the role of highly sophisticated foreign actors, in concert with elements of the US deep state bad actors, making a brazen […]

Biden may take Afghanistan War Back to the Square One

While the US president, fulfilling yet another of his promises, has announced to reduce troops in Afghanistan, bringing the total number to 2500 only, it doesn’t mean that the war in Afghanistan is going to end before he leaves the White House. What we see, however, is only a temporary drawdown by an out-going president, […]

Military’s Agony at the End of the Trump Era

During his presidency, the current boss of the White House has repeatedly, actively tried to play the “war card” to gain support for his policies – and not only from the American military, but also from the nation’s general public subjected to stepped up propaganda from the government and Hollywood about the alleged existence of […]

RCEP Agreement Signed; Without India

Contrary to the skepticism of the author a year ago, on 15 November of this year, during one of the (video) summits based on ASEAN (Association of South-East Asian Nations that include ten countries), the Agreement on the creation of a Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) was signed. This completes the long-term process of forming the […]