Lee Myung-bak’s Ordeals

On August 12, 2022, President Yoon Suk-yeol approved a list of those subject to a special amnesty on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the liberation of Korea from Japanese colonial rule. It comprises 1,693 people, including major businessmen. They include Samsung Electronics chairman Lee Jae-yong, who was previously released from prison on parole, […]

Is Afghanistan becoming a Base for the Forces Opposing Pakistan?

In recent months, the situation between Pakistan and Afghanistan has increasingly mirrored that of the past few years, when the Afghan Taliban (representatives of the banned group in Russia), fighting against the government in Kabul, used Pakistan as their rear. And this has been evidenced by recent intensified clashes between separate Afghan Taliban groups and […]

Who is Obstructing the Syrian Settlement?

The Syrian issue has recently been increasingly highlighted in global media reports, indicating that the Middle Eastern Arab state is unfortunately becoming more and more a battleground for many countries, especially through the fault of the US, Israel and Turkey. Thus, against the backdrop of increasing energy shortages in the West, the Syrian news agency […]

What the US-Instigated Crisis in Taiwan Means for Europe

In response to Nancy Pelosi’s stubborn – and provocative – visit to Taiwan, China has initiated military drills in the Taiwan Strait. This military drill amounts to a naval blockade of not only Taiwan but prolonged drills, with live shooting in the sea, could ultimately create a crisis that will, very much like the Ukraine […]

Nancy Pelosi and Wendy Sherman’s Tour of the Indo-Pacific Region

The latest trip abroad by Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the lower house of the US Parliament, was commented on by the world media mainly for its most scandalous part which (expectedly) was a visit to Taiwan by a third person in the US government hierarchy. The author’s view regarding the significance of this part is […]

In Addition to Gas, Drinking Water is Becoming a Strategic Resource

The sanctions war on Russia, inspired by the Russophobic policies of the United States and its allies, has plunged the world into not only economic and energy crises, but also ecological collapse. To comply with instructions from Washington to reduce Russian gas deliveries, the authorities of the Western states have considered reviving coal power as […]

The Authority of the British Monarchy in Australia Continues to Fall

On August 2, 2022, a scandal occurred in the Senate of Australia – the upper house of parliament. One of its members, a representative of the Green Party Lidia Thorpe during her taking the oath of office as a senator called the British Queen Elizabeth II, who is the formal head of Australia, a colonizer. […]

Russian Patience With the War in Ukraine Is Not Endless as the West May Soon Learn

In March of this year Russian troops captured the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. It has been in Russian possession ever since, although the Ukrainian forces have made desperate attempts to recapture it. These attempts have included bombing and shelling of the site. To describe this and incredibly stupid is an understatement. The plant is a nuclear […]