Book review: Collateral Damage by Steve Howell

Book review: Collateral Damage by Steve Howellby Ian SinclairMorning Star15 April 2021FROM Reagan-loving Republican Tom Clancy, to the Conservative Frederick Forsyth and Jonathan Freedland’s rose-tinted views of Democratic presidents, political thrillers are often underpinned by some unpleasant, power-friendly politics. Which makes Steve Howell’s Collateral Damage a welcome addition to the genre. The book’s politics are […]

Denying the Demonic

In March of last year as the coronavirus panic was starting, I wrote a somewhat flippant article saying that the obsession with buying and hoarding toilet paper was the people’s vaccine.  My point was simple: excrement and death have long been associated in cultural history and in the Western imagination with the evil devil, Satan, […]
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When Will the US and its NATO Allies Answer for the Looting of Libya?

In 2011 Libya, as a result of the armed aggression unleashed by the United States and its NATO allies instead of the “democracy and freedom” that the West promised, ended up in a serious economic and social crisis – and turned into a hotbed of extremists and international crime. As the American publication Diario de […]

Propaganda by Omission: Libya, Syria, Venezuela and the UK

We live in a war-like society; one that supports, and is in league with, the world’s number one terrorist threat: the United States of America. Corporate media propaganda plays a key role in keeping things that way. Ten years ago this month, the US, UK and France attacked oil-rich Libya under the fictitious cover of […]
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10 Years of Libyan Suffering at the Hands of Washington

Ten years ago, Washington unleashed full-on armed aggression against Libya. On March 17, 2011, Washington managed not only to mislead the world community, creating a picture of universal support and legality of military operations in Libya, but also to actually wage the war using someone else’s hands. The armed invasion of this North African country […]

On 10th Anniversary of the U.S.-NATO Attack on Libya: Powerful Perpetrators Have Yet To Face Justice

Three Powerful American Women—Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power and Susan Rice—Pushed Obama into Destroying the Wealthiest, Healthiest and Happiest Nation in Africa On this day ten years ago, the Obama administration launched air strikes over Libya under the banner of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which culminated in the killing of Libya’s long-time ruler Muammar […]