A tale of two states from Next News Network’s lead [Video]

Gary Franchi is the owner and operator of the YouTube Channel The Next News Network. This is a very pro-Trump, pro-conservative news source, and while under its leader, has reported substantially on events with the stolen Presidential election and the utter incompetence of the puppet in the White House at this time. Now, of course, the […]

Church, Papacy, Schism: The Bizarre Metaphysics of the Papacy – Jay Dyer

 Today we will look at a classic work that critiques the papacy from a different vantage point.  In an atmosphere of debate that is dominated by throwing outdated, debunked and forgery-based arguments back and forth: Dr. Sherrard’s book is an excellent philosophical critique of the papacy, or more properly philosophical theology.   Although we […]

Jen Psaki is not an idiot, she probably just doesn’t know anything [Video]

Kayleigh McEnany was an information goddess while she was White House Press Secretary. A beautiful, overtly Christian and sharp-witted woman, she had the ability to simultaneously dazzle and infuriate the press in the daily briefings, often lighting the corrupt media on fire for not covering truly important news stories in their crazed search for dirt […]

The Great Reset, Esoteric Hollywood & MK Ultra w/ Jay Dyer | YMT Podcast #33

  Jay Dyer enters the chat with YourMateTom, covering (hAlex Jones Protest), Terence McKenna, Esoteric Hollywood & the occult Alien entities, The reality of spiritual realms & shamanism, MK Ultra, Timothy Leary & his CIA involvement, Atheism & materialism (sucks), the question of whether mathematics are discovered or invented? ​ They also cover the Matt Dillahunty Debate,  The great reset and Veganism:  Humans are not […]

Introduction to Orthodox Church: Byzantine Theology by Fr John Meyendorff (Half)

 We have a lot of requests for introduction texts and this one is a classic – used by many Orthodox Seminaries, Byzantine Theology is now our Discord Group’s standard text. The book is an introductory overview by well-known Orthodox theologian and scholar of the 20th century, Fr. John Meyendorff, who is also the author […]

Jordan Peterson Vs. Matt Dillahunty Debate Review – Jay Dyer

 One of the most popular YouTube debates was between Matt Dillahunty and Jordan Peterson in 2018.  Last year we reviewed the Great Debate between Dr. Greg Bahnsen and Dr. Gordon Stein outlining the transcendental argument in classic form and in this debate, JBP came really close near the middle of the discussion of making […]
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Rudy Giuliani gives us significant information about the election crisis [Video]

The News Media Blackout has done great damage to the ability of average Americans (and even news junkies like myself) to get real and useful information about what is going on. In this fiercely contested election of 2020, President Trump has still not conceded defeat, and he still seems to believe that there is a way […]