The Best Speech I Never Gave

Libertarian Institute, October 4, 2021 The Best Speech I Never Gave by James Bovard Prices convey information, especially the price of zero. There is often more latent intelligence signaled by prices than by the claimed good intentions of political zealots—even those on the side of peace and liberty. On the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 […]
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Liberal Media Describes Self-Labeled “Left Anarchist” as Far-Right Extremist

CBS News, USA Today, the Intercept, the Jerusalem Post, and many others describe the two men as “far-right” Boogaloo Boys militia who want to start a race war. To the contrary, Ryan Teeter says he is a "left anarchist" and a member of the LGBT community, adding: "People think I'm part of a Nazi group—I'm not."

Black Woman Says George Floyd’s Death Was Used to Get Votes for Democrats

Samantha Marika says the Democrat Party needs the black vote and that several days after Floyd died, black people were pressured to vote Blue when the primaries followed the next week. She says Al Sharpton used Floyd's funeral to campaign for Democrats. She resents the attempt to use her race for political purposes.