“Careless Talk Costs Lives” – Fresh Calls To Silence Pandemic Skepticism

Througout 2020, there has regularly been claimed to be a Left-biased pandemic zealotry in operation. We see Wales’ strict corona measures. Victoria. New Zealand. Most recently, two examples chill the blood. Keir Starmer, appearing on the ITV’s Good Morning Britain, said… we have to deal with the antivaxx campaigns because they will cost lives and …

Peter Hitchens I: The West’s Destruction From The Left’s Self-Righteous Ideas

source John Anderson Peter Hitchens is a British journalist, author and broadcaster. He currently writes for the Mail on Sunday and brings a singular perspective on many issues facing contemporary society. He and John discuss some of them here, including the breakdown in trust we are witnessing, his experiences in the Soviet Union, conservatism and […]

Limbaugh: Pelosi’s attack on eSalon owner example of Liberals always on offense

Rush Limbaugh is pretty much the King of accurate analysis of liberal political figures. Like many others, he followed the new debacle around Nancy Pelosi – let’s call this one “HairGate”, shall we? As many readers already know, Nancy Pelosi went to an eSalon facility in San Francisco to get her hair washed and get it blow-dried. The salon was closed under COVID-19 regulations set in place by Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, California Governor Gavin Newsom (former mayor of San Francisco).

Porkins Policy Radio episode 196 How to be a cult leader with Jon Atack and Sam Atack

This week Jon Atack and Sam Atack joined me to discuss their new videos series Think Like a Cult Leader. Jon and Sam described how their criteria for being a “successful cult leader” matches up with so many people currently in positions of power today. We also talked about Sam’s prank creation his own cult […]

Jordan Peterson Vs Slavoj Zizek Debate – Who Won? Not Who You Think! Jay Dyer

#zizek #jordanpeterson #debate Many requested it, so here it is! I watched and took notes on the entire debate. It was fun and on the official debate scale of which I am a mater expert, I give the debate a 7 out of 10. As you can imagine, I have a unique take on this much-touted exchange that almost no one else has.

Porkins Policy Radio episode 176 Ricardo Vaz on Venezuela and the Naked Imperialism of the US

Ricardo Vaz of Venezuelanalysis.com joined me to discuss the ongoing regime change operations in Venezuela. We stared off by discussing the recent return of so called “interim president” Juan Guaido after his visit to several Latin American including Colombia and Brazil. Ricardo talked about the muted response from Maduro, who allowed Guaido to return with out a fuss after being banned from international travel. Ricardo also talked about the response on the ground in Venezuela to Guaido’s return, and the fact that he appears to be losing some momentum as a political leader.