Does Life or Death Govern the Universe? Part 4: Bertrand Russell, Nihilist Priest of Entropy and the Roots of Transhumanism

Originally published on The Strategic Culture Foundation In part three of this series, we were introduced to the growth of modern liberalism and Malthusianism as the outgrowth of the core fundamental axioms contained in Newton and Locke’s philosophical descriptive systems of mankind and the universe. We explored some of the leading voices who resisted this liberal […]

Lithuanian Seimas cannot control the Government

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis, leader of the ruling conservative Homeland Union, on November 22 survived an interpellation at the Seimas All previous interpellations were ineffective, usually ending with one phrase from the Prime Minister that she completely trusted the minister. The fourth interpellation in the Lithuanian Seimas once again confirmed: this Seimas cannot control the Government. […]

The Rise of National Populism

The world is currently experiencing a state of geopolitical realignment, with nationalism reasserting itself as a credible alternative to the prevailing liberal-capitalist global order. This rise of neo-nationalism is a response to multiculturalism and global interdependence. Although such compunctions can be dismissed as being the fears of racist, xenophobic, authoritarian reactionaries, I argue that the […]

CHINA The Dragon Rises

in spite of concerted attempts by the mainstream media and especially the White House to ignore it, the massive unrest, rebellion, in China, can no longer be ignored. Clearly the Chinese people have now had more than enough of these insane Covid lockdowns which are no longer about Covid, if they ever were about Covid. […]