Biden has pledged that ‘America is back.’ But as peace shatters in the Balkans, does that mean yet more US misadventures?

KFOR forces patrol near the border crossing between Kosovo and Serbia in Jarinje, Kosovo, October 2, 2021. © REUTERS / Laura Hasani; Inset © REUTERS / Evelyn Hockstein By Julian Fisher | RT | October 24, 2021 With warnings that fresh tensions between Serbia and Kosovo could unravel the decades-old peace deal that put an […]

The War in Afghanistan: The real “Crime of the Century” behind the Opioid Crisis

In May, the HBO television network aired a new two-part documentary exploring America’s ongoing opioid epidemic entitled The Crime of the Century. The first episode summarized the role of the pharmaceutical industry in the crisis, specifically that of Sackler family drug-maker Purdue Pharma and its deadly prescription painkiller, OxyContin. Part One also thoroughly investigates the […]

Leaked files expose London’s cloak-and-dagger scheming to secure the permanent divorce of Kosovo from Serbia

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s grandiose plans for a post-Brexit ‘Global Britain’ have been widely panned as a fantastical, dangerous and ill-fated attempt to recover the long-lost glory days of Empire. However, these leaked files make clear the sun never truly set on it in the first place – it’s just that now, dominance of faraway lands is maintained insidiously, by clandestine infiltration of civil society at every level, unknown, unseen, and unconsented to by both the UK’s own population and the citizens of all countries in Whitehall’s neocolonial crosshairs.

Priština’s authoritarian regime prohibits Serbian pilgrims to visit Kosovo and Metohija (video)

This weekend, a full bus from Stub Kralja Stefana or Pillar of King Stephan in English was supposed to visit the holy churches in Kosovo and Metohija, Serbia’s autonomous province, for the first time after the virus, but the authoritarian regime in Priština has prevented all Christian believers from visiting the holy sites, from all […]

The Biden Administration Proving to Be More of the Same Old Discredited Policies as its Predecessor

There were a number of political commentators who urged us to give newly elected United States president Joe Biden a chance to show that he would offer a new approach to the multiple problems facing the United States alliance. Well, he had an opportunity to do so. But the speech that Biden gave on 19th […]