Jonathan Martin

Promises Made, Promises Broken-- Trump's Reputation Is In A Trashcan

Megan Henney of Fox Business reported that economies in 4 key states could held determine whether Trump wins of loses in 2020. So which states? Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Iowa, 4 battleground states that Trump won in 2016? On Fox? Are you kidding. The economies in those 4 states are tanking-- and so is Trump's favorability ratings. Those 4 Midwestern states, representing 52 electoral votes, are suffering from Trump's economic policies.

Bernie: Into The Fox's Den-- While Corrupted Rich Democrats Work On Their Stop Bernie Crusade

Jonathan Martin's headline in the New York Times this morning said it all: 'Stop Sanders' Democrats Are Agonizing Over His Momentum. He starts with "a closed door gathering of about 100 wealthy liberal donors in San Francisco last month" freaking out about Bernie winning the nomination. These are people who have been served well by the status quo. They all want women to be allowed to have abortions and they support gays marrying each other.

Those Who Will Gain The Most If Trump Trashes Healthcare For Billionaire Tax Cuts, Are On The Warpath-- Against Dean Heller

Yesterday we embedded the TV ad the shady Trump-Pence SuperPAC, America First Policies, ran to slam Nevada Republican Dean Heller for standing up for Nevadans getting healthcare through the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion and refusing to vote for TrumpCare.

Election Day In Georgia's 6th District-- The End Of The Trumpanzee Agenda?

Today’s the day in GA-06. The most recent poll shows Ossoff up but within the margin of error, as most polls have shown. This one has Ossoff winning with 49.7% to Handel’s 48.0%, despite Ryan and Trump pouting tens of millions of dollars into the race. Many see the race as a referendum on Trump. 91% of Ossoff voters have an unfavorable opinion him and 78% of Handel voters have a favorable opinion.

The Two Parties' Internal Civil Wars

Here at DWT, we spend a lot of time fretting about the future of a very divided Democratic Party, in which grassroots progressives are fighting to prevent the party from wandering off in the same old disastrous neoliberal direction its elites insist on in return for the financing they provide to bolster the careers of the elected officials who dominate the party's decision-making process. But not today.