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Occult Spies: The Untold Story of A Dark Marriage (Partial Talk) Jay Dyer

This is an introduction to a longer lecture that will be available for subscribers to my site or on my R0kfin channel. We will delve deep into the unknown and largely unexplored relationship between the world of espionage and that of the occult: From cult leaders and mind control to films and novels exploring this […]

Sherlock Holmes – Black Magic of The Occult Empire Revealed – Jay Dyer

I’ve wanted to do an analysis of Sherlock for many years, but only now have I gotten around to it, which worked out well since I would have missed the sex magic aspect of creating Blackwood. Reviewing the film after a few years, there was quite a bit of esotericism in this worth analyzing. Enjoy!
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007 Revelation of the Method

The use of the Revelation of the Method for inducing compliance and docility in subject populationsWho is actually behind global terrorism? The terrorists themselves reveal it. This is a 14 second video of a room where a movie is playing on a TV set. On the TV set the 007 character in the movie can be seen to state to the leader of the Cryptocracy that the leader is behind terrorism in cities in order to convince governments to join a global, all-seeing intelligence network paid for by the Cryptocracy.