Joe Biden

The Ochelli Effect – Gangs That Won’t Shoot Straight

From Tuesday was a bit different this week. Porkins took Mike Swanson’s slot and after an update on The Epstein saga, Chuck and Pearse answered chat questions and gave the audience a rundown on US political corruption in the one-party system. Our Media Death Star is almost back to a fully operational battle station. […]

Debate Commission last minute rule changes protect Biden from Trump

****News Topic 103***** Trump Adviser Says Debate Commission May ‘Shut Mic Off’ As Foreign Policy Suddenly Dropped From Topics. Commission Changes Rules To Mute Microphones During Next Debate; Trump “Remains Committed” To Debate Update (2050ET): According to the Trump Campaign, the president remains committed to the debate, regardless of the rule change. Trump campaign statement […]

Emails linking Joe Biden to Ukrainian corruption appears to be official “October Surprise” [Video]

When the first news came out in the New York Post that a laptop computer left by an inebriated Hunter Biden contained e-mails implicating Hunter’s father, Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden, as having lied about having no involvement with Ukraine, it was difficult to ascertain if this story was going to take off. We published […]

US Presidential Campaign Spectacle:  Distracts from Essential Issues while Playing the Race Card

With the seemingly interminable US presidential campaign season mercifully drawing to a close, the buzz is about a possible coup. That would make the US one of the few countries in recent history to experience regime change not masterminded by a US embassy, because there is no US embassy in Washington. There are other reasons […]

Mainstream Media panic as evidence points to laptop belonging to Robert H. Biden

Mainstream Media panic as evidence points to laptop belonging to Robert H. Biden. The Duran: Episode 709. Documents acquired by Fox News appear to show Hunter Biden’s signature on $85 receipt for repair of laptops left at Delaware store at center of email scandal – while other paperwork reveals FBI’s contact with owner. Receipt ‘shows […]