Top 10 BAD Arguments Against the Transcendental Argument for God

We often hear the same objections to TAG based on similar mistakes.  A year ago I did a specific stream presenting TAG and why it holds up against TANG found here. I covered the supposed transcendental argument for the non-existence of God, but we saw this was based on a fallacious understanding of theological voluntarism.  Today we will cover more common and simpler objections to TAG which are usually based on misunderstandings, fallacies and basic blunders.


Orthodox Christianity Basics – The Nous – Met. Jonah – Catechism Part 1

Catechism class part 1 from Met. Jonah. Met. Jonah covers the basics of repentance and metanoia, the healing of the nous in Orthodox soteriology and our rejection of this world and the devil. This is part 1 of a series steamed to our discord.  To support Met. Jonah and his plans to build a new monastery, you can donate here.

Monarchia of the Father & The Early Church – Al Fadi – An Interview with Jay Dyer

Join Al Fadi & Jay Dyer on a Let Us Reason Livestream PRIME
Topic: The Early Church Views on Various Doctrines!
Join Al Fadi and brother Jay Dyer (Jays Analysis) as they discuss the views taken by the early church on certain essential biblical doctrines such as the Trinity and the Monarchy of the Father.


Worldview Warfare & the Philosophy of Psychological Operations – Jay Dyer / Donald Davis

Author Donald Davis joins me to discuss his book on worldview warfare.  Davis has investigated multiple layers and levels of reality to construct a metaphysics of worldview warfare.  We will see here, at a meta level, the interconnectedness of spiritual warfare, the demonic, psychological operations, religious engineering, history, music and more, all collide to initiate the modern masses into a new paradigm.  Donald’s book can be purchased here. Live at 8PM CST 


Dr Shabir Ally / Jay Dyer Debate: Is Jesus God Incarnate? Answers in Scripture, History & Logic

Dr. Shabir Ally joins me to discuss the Person of Christ.  What are the Orthodox Christian arguments in these three fields?  What are the Islamic arguments?  Dr. Shabir joins me for a formal debate on this topic moderated by Kyosan from the Politics Discord.  The debate is Saturday at 5PM EST. Dr. Shabir Ally can be found here, and Kyosan and the Calliopean discord can be found here: