Jeffrey Epstein

WATCH: Achieving Epstein Justice – #SolutionsWatch

Nick Bryant joins James Corbett to discuss Epstein Justice, an organization he co-directs that is seeking justice for the victims of Jeffrey Epstein and his co-conspirators. Today they discuss the type of grassroots movement that will be needed to achieve true justice and to unseat the kakistocracy that is covering up these crimes. We also …

Internal prison files suggest Epstein ‘suicide’ coverup

US government documents suggest prison officials colluded to blame the sex predator financier for his own death before an official autopsy had concluded. The revelations have been met with general silence from mainstream media. Internal US Bureau of Prison (BOP) documents obtained by The Grayzone under Freedom of Information laws raise extremely serious questions about whether Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged first suicide attempt on July 23, 2019 in fact happened, and suggest the Bureau distorted evidence to attribute his death to […]

Nick Dixon and Toby Young Talk About Carl Borg-Neal’s Stunning Victory Over Lloyds Bank, Ed Davey’s Culpability in the Post Office Scandal and Stephen Hawking’s Trip to Paedo Island

In the latest Weekly Sceptic podcast the talking points are Carl Borg-Neal's stunning victory against woke tyranny, the Stephen Hawking Jeffrey Epstein revelations and Elon Musk calling Mark Cuban racist.

NYPost Names A-Listers in New Epstein Documents. Atty Accuses FBI of Keeping Epstein Blackmail Files Secret

Attorney Mike Cernovich said that Epstein was an FBI asset and that the FBI has Jeffrey Epstein's blackmail files. He said that very powerful forces have made sure we will never see the real Epstein files. The New York Post published the names of 'A-listers who appeared in the newly revealed documents.

DISCUSS: Epstein “Client List” Released

It’s official: The Epstein Client List has been released. Except not really. The reality is that forty or so court documents totaling around 1000 pages were unsealed, these contained many names including those of prosecutors, investigators, witnesses at Maxwell’s trial, vague acquaintances and quite a few people called “J Doe”, or some variant thereof. Rather …

Prince Andrew “in Torment” as Name Set to Appear in Unsealed Jeffrey Epstein File

Prince Andrew is said to be "totally tormented" by the prospect of his name being included in a list of 170 of Jeffrey Epstein's associates that's about to be made public.
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