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Comparing Apologetic Methods: Classical vs. Presuppositional Arguments with Dr. Rasmussen

Join me as Dr. Josh Rasmussen and I discuss and compare classical theistic arguments, presuppositional and transcendental arguments, epistemology, and apologetics in general.  In this long anticipated discussion, these two apologists will compare and contrast two paradigms and whether the evidentialist framework actually does what it intends to do logically.  Indeed, many people come to […]

The Matrix Trilogy – The Gnostic Ideas Hidden In The Movie

The Matrix movies presented a world overrun by a powerful A.I. with the only escape, to take the red pill and awaken into a harsh post-apocalyptic reality. Jay Dyer and Jay Weidner explore an analogy for the world we live in today as many people sleepwalk their way through life with only a few awakening […]
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A Fly in the Ointment – Jay Dyer on Quite Frankly

Chillin tonight, taking some calls, rounding out another week in a year that is steadily draining away. Tonight’s returning guest of Jay Dyer, Author, Comedian, Television personality, and esoteric analyst of Hollywood, Media, and the Occult. Media clips of the thing that used to be Keith Olberman, the death of a grandson of a President, […]
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Apostate Prophet Vs. Jay Dyer – Does God Exist? Problem of Evil?

 Former Muslim turned atheist skeptic Apostate Prophet asked me to join him to have a cordial exchange on the issue of God’s existence, Theistic arguments and proofs, TAG, logic and the problem evil and theodicy.  We had a great exchange and kept it civil, while also being heated!  You can find his channel here. […]
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United Nations Oversight of Elections/Dumbed Down USA – Jay Dyer

Jay Dyer joins 0wen to discuss the proposed oversight of the UN to make sure the US elections are “fair.”  The UN, a creation of the International elite, is itself the model for the coming world order.  We discuss the dumbing down of the average American through the socialized higher educations system. Subscribe to JaysAnalysis […]

Hereditary, Lost Boys, Halloween 3, Velvet Buzzsaw & Starry Eyes – Jay / Jamie – Live Tonight

 Spooktober continues with a roster of darkness and fun.  As is the Spooktober tradition, we analyze Lost Boys AGAIN, as well as finally covering Hereditary as long requested, as well as a John Carpenter classic without Michael Myers – Halloween 3: Season of the Witch, with a couple worthy additions thrown in – donnie […]

Top 10 Bad Arguments for Protestantism’s ‘Bible Alone’ / Debate Review – Fr Dcn, Jay Dyer, Lewis

 Fr Dcn, Praxis, Qai, Greedo and others join me to cover the recent debate Fr Dcn Ananias had with Protestant apologist Matt Slick.  We will cover Matt’s claims and approach, our analysis of the debate and the presuppositions of authority in Orthodoxy versus the lack of normative authority in Protestantism.   Following the review, […]

The D33p State Narrative Of Russia Gate Finally Unravels – Jay Dyer on lnfowarz

Today I host the final hour of the hAlex J0nes Show and cover yet another nail in the coffin for the russiagate concoction, particularly by  putting it in its wider context.  We cover color revolutions as a result of the close of the Cold War, the application of that color revolution model being applied to […]

Total Recall & Jacob’s Ladder: Mind Control Classics – Jay / Tristan

 It’s spooktober again and around JaysAnalysis we cover the best and worst of the spookiest.  Tonight Tristan joins me to cover two mind control classics I’ve long been meaning to cover – Adrian Lyne’s Jacob’s Ladder and the Verhoeven Total Recall.  Combining both lighthearted fun and absurdity with Arnold and the dark, brooding mk […]

Was Vatican 2 Infallible? Are Catholics Imploding?

 Today I will cover the popular mythologies surrounding Vatican 2 and its status, contrasted with previous Catholic “dogma” and teaching.  Was it infallible?  Does the individual Catholic have the right to “judge” the rulings and the Roman See?   Do fallible Catholic theologians tell us ultimately when and where Vatican II was “infallible”?  What […]
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