Why Did the U.S. Nuke Civilians?

A bombed-out temple in Nagasaki It is an atomic bomb. It is the greatest thing in history. — President Harry S. Truman (August 6, 1945) One of the seemingly endless Good [sic] War myths goes a little something like this: The U.S. had no choice but to drop atomic bombs on civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. […]
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Japan Publishes Yet Another Defense Whitepaper

On July 22 this year, the Japanese Ministry of Defense published a concise (English-language) version of the annual Defense White Paper update. The 500-plus page original usually appears later. However, the concise version already mentioned provides an indication of the innovations in the assessment of Japan’s political and military environment over the past year, as […]

Japan Faces Catastrophic Consequences of its anti-Russian Sanctions

While the US and its allies in their Russophobic frenzy are actively discussing tougher anti-Russian sanctions and, in particular, the possibility of limiting the price of Russian oil, the said Western sanctions policy is doing more and more damage to the Western countries themselves. And this is already particularly evident in the global energy market, […]

Japan’s Threat Assessment Identifies Russia, China And North Korea As Its Main Security Concerns

Japan in its first annual defense report issued since the war in Ukraine mentioned Russia and China’s deepening military cooperation that has included joint air and navy drills is raising security concerns in the region. The defence white paper approved by Prime Minister Kishida’s government identifies China, Russia and North Korea as its main security concerns. Rivalries Are Clear “The[Read More...]

On the Results of the Upper House Elections in Japan

On July 10 Japan held elections for 125 of the 248 seats (i.e. 50%+1) in the House of Councillors, the upper house of the Japanese Parliament. The results of these elections have attracted special interest owing to a number of different factors. These factors include both immediate and long-term issues, and relate to both domestic […]