This perverse ban on ivermectin, cheap and proven to work

By Kathy Gyngell | TCW Defending Freedom | November 23, 2021 GIVEN the feared winter resurgence of Covid infection despite, or because of, the government’s mass vaccination programme, the continued ban on ivermectin in this country becomes ever more perverse. It beggars belief that the British public is still denied access to this proven prophylactic and treatment. If the public […]

No Mystery Why Some Countries Are Largely Flu/Covid-Free

By Stephen Lendman | November 20, 2021 Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Guatemala, Honduras, Macedonia, Uttar Pradesh, India, Zimbabwe, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, parts of Brazil, and other nations have the following in common: They use known safe and effective ivermectin for treating and curing flu/covid. As a result, the incidence of the viral […]

Sweden’s “Vaccine Passes” should teach us an important lesson.

Don't part-accept irrationality in an effort to be reasonable. Don't try and meet insanity in the middle. Deal only in what you can research and observe yourself. Don't attempt to compromise with the establishment, because they will never compromise back. There is no middle way. Never, EVER, accept part of their narrative on trust.

Nebraska AG Says Doctors Can Legally Prescribe Ivermectin, HCQ for COVID, Calls Out FDA, CDC, Fauci, Media for ‘Fueling Confusion and Misinformation’

By Megan Redshaw | The Defender | October 18, 2021 Few subjects have been more controversial than ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine — two long-established, inexpensive medications widely and successfully used in many parts of the world for the prevention and treatment of COVID. By contrast, the use of both medications against COVID has been largely suppressed […]

The Branch Covidians are Waging War on Humanity

All embarked, the party launched out on the sea’s foaming lanes while the son of Atreus told his troops to wash, to purify themselves from the filth of the plague. They scoured it off, threw scourings in the surf and sacrificed to Apollo full-grown bulls and goats along the beaten shore of the fallow barren […]
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The Research Is Clear: Ivermectin Is a Safe, Effective Treatment for COVID. So Why Isn’t It Being Used?

By Elizabeth Mumper, M.D., FAAP | The Defender | October 4, 2021 A patient with Type 1 diabetes called to tell me the pharmacist at our local Walgreens refused to fill the prescription I had written for ivermectin, so I called to ask why. The young pharmacist, a few years out of pharmacy school, informed […]

The Last of our Human Freedoms – Covid-1984 meets the Brave New Normal

Greg Maybury “A great majority of the population looks on with complete indifference as the medical papacy assumes ever greater proportion, worming its way into the most diverse fields — for instance, intervening extensively in children’s education, in school life, and staking a claim here to a certain form of therapy.” Rudolf Steiner, 1924 “The last …