3 août 2021 - Florian Philippot sur RMC : Macron, Pass sanitaire, 7 août, résistance, etc.

Florian Philippot cite des études récentes officielles aux états-unis qui monterent que les vaccinés sont aussi contagieux que le non vaccinés, donc l'argument massue de la Macronie et de ses soutiens ne tient pas la route...(nous dit-il) #7aout #Macron #PassSanitaire Florian Philippot sur RMC : Macron, Pass sanitaire, 7 août, résistance, etc. 3 août 2021 FLORIAN PHILIPPOT ?? (Pour rappel, Les Patriotes, nouvelle formation politique, ne bénéficient (...)

American Tax Dollars Financing Israeli Tourist Park Atop Historic Palestinian Neighborhood

Illegal colonist throws eggs By Jessica Buxbaum | MintPress News | July 12, 2021 Roughly 2.5 miles from Sheikh Jarrah — the Palestinian neighborhood that grabbed the world’s attention in May — lies Silwan. This neighborhood in Occupied East Jerusalem is perched atop the steep slopes just outside the Old City. Houses are tightly compacted […]

No indication of Iran’s involvement in Israeli tanker attack: Russia

Press TV – August 2, 2021 A senior Russian foreign ministry official strictly rejects existence of any indications pointing to Iran’s likely involvement in a recent attack on an Israeli oil tanker off the Omani coast. “We have not the slightest reason to believe [that Iran was involved in the attack],” the Russian Foreign Ministry’s […]

CoJiT: The “Anti-Extremism” Think Tank Started by Sons of Israeli Superspy Robert Maxwell

CoJiT’s profound and manifold connections to the Israeli security state call into question the Maxwell brothers’ motives for founding the think tank, considering how an anti-Muslim extremism agenda could dovetail so easily with a pro-Israeli state one.
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The Delta Helter Skelter. When Dire Delta is the excuse for new lockdowns and vaccine mandates, but the truth keeps dribbling out.

Today more news from Israel By Meryl Nass, MD | August 3, 2021 ‘Helter-skelter’ means ‘in chaotic and disorderly haste’. It seems a good descriptor of how public health mouthpieces are dealing with the facts oozing out of the public health muck regarding the Delta variant. Considering their strategy has been to use Delta to […]

Foreign Ministry: Any adventurism will be met with Iran’s immediate, powerful response

Press TV – August 2, 2021 The spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry has warned against any possible act of adventurism against the country’s interests, pledging “immediate, powerful, and serious” response to any such move. “The Islamic Republic of Iran will not hesitate, even for a moment, to defend its security and national interests, and will […]

Bill to give Israel billions of dollars passes House, now on to Senate

House appropriations chair Barbara Lee (D-CA) speaks before the House of Representatives on June 28, 2021. Lee said she was “proud” of H.R.4373, which she sponsored, and noted that it included funding for our “ally” Israel. AIPAC thanked her for working “to include key pro-Israel provisions in the bill.” By Alison Weir | Israel-Palestine News […]

Syrie : SitRep 108 avec Ayssar Midani (1er août 2021)

Syrie : SitRep 108 avec Ayssar Midani (1er août 2021). Au programme : – Visites en Syrie de délégations chinoises, russes et iraniennes – L’armée syrienne reprend le contrôle de la ville de Derah – Retrait américain d’Afghanistan – Retour de réfugiés syriens, notamment à Boukamal Sources : Visite du ministre chinois des affaires étrangères (Sana) Bachar Al-Assad reçoit Lavrentiev […]