On the Ground in Syria: Terrorist groups, Turkish threats & Russian overtures

Ibrahim Mohammad Wahdi Turkish threats of a wide-scale military operation in northern Syria and a Syrian-Kurdish approach under Russian auspices, while al-Julani continues his plan to control Idlib. * What follows is a detailed analysis of the terrorist groups and warlord factions involved in the occupation of north-west Syria and the interconnected Turkish neo-Ottoman agenda …

Why is the US Hyping Up the Threat of ISIS in Afghanistan?

By Valery Kulikov – New Eastern Outlook – 16.11.2021 To justify its interventionist actions in the Middle East, the United States, following the now cliched example, actively uses its alleged commitment to fighting against terrorism, focusing on countering such well-known terrorist formations as Al Qaeda and ISIS. The same goes for the actions of the […]

BEST OF OFFG: “Questions you aren’t supposed to ask about ISIS”

Catte Black Republished as part of our ‘Best Of’ series, revisiting some of OffG’s Pre-Covid editorials – either because they help remind us of important realities easily overlooked nowadays, or because they take on added significance in a ‘post-covid’ world. Do you remember 2015? It seems more than six years ago. Do you remember when …

Washington’s Assembly Line for Retraining Soldiers in Syria Isn’t Stopping

By Valery Kulikov – New Eastern Outlook – 25.09.2021 According to the Syrian news agency SANA, on September 19, US Air Force helicopters transported two new groups of militants to their base in Al-Shaddadah in Al-Hasakah Governorate, northeastern Syria, for retraining. There were about 60 people in total who had previously fought in the ranks […]

Syria’s so-called ‘cradle of the revolution’ has been liberated

Vanessa Beeley After three years of a fragile ceasefire and a campaign of assassinations of Syrian government ‘loyalists’ by embedded fundamentalist armed groups, the Syrian flag has once more been raised in Daraa Al Balad. Western media persists in portraying the emergence of extremist armed groups in Daraa, south of Damascus, as the “cradle of …