10/14/21 James Bradley on the Lies Americans Are Fed About China

Scott is joined by author James Bradley. They discuss how foolish the Russiagate story was from the beginning before getting into China. Bradley explains how the entire American understanding of China is flawed. That the average American’s perception of China is the result of a mirage or fictional narrative we’ve been fed for many decades. […]

10/11/21 Andrew Quilty on the Afghan War Criminals being Brought to the United States

Scott interviews Andrew Quilty, a journalist who’s stayed in Kabul, about a recent article he wrote for the Intercept. The article talks about the Zero Units which were militia groups of Afghan commandos led by CIA advisors, or handlers. These units gained notoriety during the war and have been accused of numerous war crimes. Many […]

10/8/21 David Vine on the Absurd Number of American Bases Around the World

Scott talks with David Vine about a report he wrote recently for the Quincy Institute along with Patterson Deppen and Leah Bolger. The report makes the case for significantly reducing the number of American military bases abroad. Vine explains that there are currently around 750 active military bases outside of the U.S. And with far […]

10/8/21 John Kiriakou on the Torture of Abu Zubaydah

Scott interviews former CIA Officer John Kiriakou about a recent article he wrote. Kiriakou was personally involved in the 2002 capture of Abu Zubaydah in Pakistan. At the time, the CIA believed Zubaydah to be Al Qaeda’s third highest-ranking member. In truth, he was simply a logistician. Still, the Bush Administration used Zubaydah to make […]

9/27/21 Aaron Maté on the Charged Clinton Lawyer and the Legacy of Russiagate

Scott interviews Aaron Maté about his recent article on Michael Sussmann, the Clinton attorney who was recently charged for lying to the FBI. Maté helps weave this developing story into the broader narrative of Russiagate. Scott and Maté reflect on how wild this story was from the beginning. They also discuss the effects this Clinton/FBI […]