2/22/24 Ted Snider on the Death of Alexei Navalny and the Russian Victory at Avdiivka

Download Episode. Ted Snider is back on the show to talk about the death of Alexei Navalny. Snider wrote a piece recently criticizing President Biden for acting like he knows for certain that Putin had Navalny killed. He and Scott talk about what’s known about the man’s death, what’s probable, who he really was and […]

2/22/24 Mohamed Elmaazi on the Latest Assange Hearing

Download Episode. Scott talks with journalist Mohamed Elmaazi about the latest Assange hearing before the UK High Court. The hearing, which took place on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, saw the Assange team requesting the ability to make an appeal on the order extraditing the Wikileaks founder to the United States. Elmaazi, who attended […]

2/22/24 Kyle Anzalone on the Atrocities Being Committed in Gaza

Download Episode. Kyle Anzalone was on Antiwar Radio this week to talk about the news coming out of the Middle East. They discuss the coming assault on Rafah in southern Gaza, developments at the ICJ, the conduct of IDF soldiers when raiding Palestinian homes, the broader regional violence and more. Discussed on the show: “Israel […]

2/16/24 Matt Taibbi: New Revelations on the Origin of Russiagate

Download Episode. Scott talks with Matt Taibbi about a new series of articles he published on the origins of Russiagate. Specifically, Taibbi has been working with journalists Michael Shellenberger and Alex Gutentag to report on the role of Western intelligence agencies in spying on Trump’s team and constructing the narrative that the former president was […]

2/8/24 Peter Lee on America’s Provocative Troop Deployment on China’s Coast

Download Episode. Scott talks with Peter Lee about the deployment of U.S. special forces to the island of Kinmen. Although it’s controlled by Taiwan, the island is right on China’s coast. Lee recounts the history of the military presence on the island and explains Taiwan’s reasons for stationing troops there. He and Scott also talk […]

2/15/24 Leonard Goodman on Biden’s Attempt to Imprison Antiwar Dissidents

Download Episode. Scott is joined by Leonard Goodman, an attorney for the Uhuru Movement. The Uhuru Movement, or Uhuru 3, is a group of American black socialist activists who are currently being charged for spreading Russian propaganda and disinformation about the war in Ukraine. Scott and Goodman dig into the details and talk about how […]

2/15/24 Jim Bovard on the TSA, Biden’s Age and Washington’s War on Our Liberties

Download Episode. Jim Bovard returns to the show to discuss some of his recent articles. They talk about Ted Cruz and the TSA, the Special Counsel’s verdict on Biden, new revelations about the Federal Government’s economic surveillance of Americans and more. Discussed on the show: Last Rights: The Death of American Liberty by Jim Bovard […]