Sonia Elijah Interview – Willful Fraud: Did Pfizer & BioNTech Collude To Falsify Vaccine Data?

Joining me today is independent investigative journalist Sonia Elijah, here to discuss #BlotGate — a story we recently discussed with Jessica Rose PhD — and what this could mean in regard to potential legal accountability for the pharmaceutical companies, as well as the implications for your health should you have taken one of these COVID Read More...

2/10/23 Daniel Davis on the Russian Offensive and Other Developments in Ukraine

Download Episode. Scott interviews former Lt. Col. Daniel Davis about the war in Ukraine. Davis has been closely watching the daily developments on the ground in Ukraine. He gives an update on where things stand on all the fronts, shares his interpretation of the current Russian offensive and draws on his experience in Iraq War […]

Garland Nixon Interview – False Flags, Psyops & UFOs, Oh MY!

Joining me today is host and political analyst Garland Nixon, here to discuss the recently exposed false flag that was the Nord Stream attack, as well as the madness surrounding the “unidentified flying objects” that are being reported by the corporate media, and what the true agenda behind them may be.  ( ( Source Links:

2/10/23 Patrick MacFarlane on the Balloon Panic

Download Episode. Scott is joined by Patrick MacFarlane to talk about the alleged Chinese balloon that captured the American news cycle a week ago. MacFarlane wrote a piece for the Libertarian Institute digging into the details and arguing against the fearmongering that has predictably resulted. Scott and MacFarlane talk about this story as well as […]

Interview 1786 - WHO's Sordid History of So-Called Pandemics

via CHD.TV: James Corbett and Meryl Nass continue their efforts to unpack the WHO’s vast bureaucratic overreach toward a global biosecurity state. Interpreting recently drafted amendments to the International Health Regulations for future pandemics, Nass and Corbett remind us of the sordid history of so-called pandemics, from Smallpox, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Zika, Ebola, Monkeypox to COVID, pointing out the failures of the WHO at dealing with nearly every one of them.

Josh Walkos Interview – As The COVID Narrative Collapses, Standing Up Has Never Been More Important

Joining me today on Moving Target is Josh Walkos, owner of the Champagne Joshi Twitter account, here to discuss his very enlightening and informative Twitter threads, why he started doing them, and why it is so important that each of you out there stand up, regardless of your background, and add your voice alongside those Read More...

Interview 1785 - James Corbett on Deep State Health Control

[iframe src="" width="90%" height="320" allow="fullscreen"]
In this interview our hosts Leigh Vossen and Sheldon Munroe get to talk to James about his views on previous global health scares, his thoughts on the covid 19 injections. We also get to hear his thoughts on certain momentous events occurring over the past few years such as the Canadian trucker convoy. James was kind enough to impart his wisdom and advice to students who are looking to stand up against the deep state.