Biotech Giants Using GMOs to Build Food Tyranny

Colin Todhunter The article below was written the day before India’s state-run biotech regulator, the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC), approved genetically modified (GM) mustard for commercial cultivation. This decision was taken on 26 October 2022. The regulatory clearance for GM mustard means the crop is fit for environmental release. However, the Supreme Court has …

Agri Biotech Sector Motivated by Monopoly Control and Sacred GMO Cash Cow 

We are currently seeing rising food prices due to a combination of an engineered food crisis for geopolitical reasons, financial speculation by hedge funds, pension funds and investment banks and profiteering by global grain trade conglomerates like Cargill, Louis Dreyfus, ADM and Bunge. In addition, agri firms like Bayer, Syngenta (ChemChina) and Corteva cynically regard current circumstances as an opportunity to promote their […]

The US alliance in the Indo-Pacific Stumbles

With India and China developing a new consensus on the management of their border in Ladakh and with the possibilities of bilateral conflict receding, the US-led anti-China alliance has begun to seriously stumble from within. With both Asian giants founding new common ground, the future of the QUAD looks bleak while that of the BRICS […]

India exhibits its state-of-the-art weapons

The 12th International Defense Exhibition DefExpo 2022 opened on October 18 in the western Indian state of Gujarat. Defense ministers from 25 countries are expected to attend the exhibition, with representatives from 75 countries participating. The theme of the exhibition is “The Path to Pride,” reflecting Republic Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s intention to make India […]

Ex-Aussie PM Calls Quad ‘Piece of Strategic Nonsense’

Samizdat – 12.10.2022 The Quad was officially launched in 2007 but suspended in 2008 after Australia pulled out of the US-led grouping over concerns expressed by China. The grouping was revived in 2017, a year after the US announced its ‘Indo-Pacific Strategy’. Beijing has labelled the Quad ‘Asian NATO’, accusing Washington of inciting tensions in […]

Countdown Has Begun

They have seized our country and taking it away from us. Our lush forests,rolling plains,our upstanding hills,our majestic rivers,fruits of our toil, future of our children’s children.Our freedoms,our dignity,our past,our cherished heritage,our hearty laughter and our rousing songs. All that our fathers had fought and died for,all that our mothers cherished and nourished with the warmth of their breast. But[Read More...]

Population Control or Punishing the Victim?

The ghost of population control was resurrected after the Assam and the draft U.P Population bills made the headlines last year. It reinvigorated the commonly held belief that some people and communities bear way too many children and therefore impede the important work of national development. And the default solution envisaged to deal with these over-productive people is to punish[Read More...]

Why this Adani port project is being opposed by coastal communities

Opposition to Vizhinjam Port Project Must be Seen in the Wider Context of Protecting Coastal Ecology and Communities The wider discussion on coastal areas often takes place in the context of their beauty and tourism potential. However ecologists place more emphasis on seeing coastal areas as very significant as well as sensitive areas whose development activities should be carefully monitored[Read More...]