Countdown Has Begun

They have seized our country and taking it away from us. Our lush forests,rolling plains,our upstanding hills,our majestic rivers,fruits of our toil, future of our children’s children.Our freedoms,our dignity,our past,our cherished heritage,our hearty laughter and our rousing songs. All that our fathers had fought and died for,all that our mothers cherished and nourished with the warmth of their breast. But[Read More...]

Population Control or Punishing the Victim?

The ghost of population control was resurrected after the Assam and the draft U.P Population bills made the headlines last year. It reinvigorated the commonly held belief that some people and communities bear way too many children and therefore impede the important work of national development. And the default solution envisaged to deal with these over-productive people is to punish[Read More...]

Why this Adani port project is being opposed by coastal communities

Opposition to Vizhinjam Port Project Must be Seen in the Wider Context of Protecting Coastal Ecology and Communities The wider discussion on coastal areas often takes place in the context of their beauty and tourism potential. However ecologists place more emphasis on seeing coastal areas as very significant as well as sensitive areas whose development activities should be carefully monitored[Read More...]

Rejection of Subsidies to Poor  To Benefiting Large Corporates

Currently  inIndian media an active debate is taking place in the country on  “frebbies”  or Subsidies given to poor.  The controversy  was first initiated by  PM Narendra Modi who warned the youth against being influenced by a “revari culture”. Soon  Mr. Upadhyaya,  a BJP  leader and a lawyer,  known for his communal hate speeches, moved a petition in the Supreme[Read More...]

Noida Twin Tower Demolition Raises Important Questions

On August 28, 3700 kg. of explosives were used in Noida city ( in national capital region) to demolish two 100-metre tall structures called Apex ( 32 storeys) and Ceyane ( 29 storeys), following court orders based on complaints of glaring violations of construction regulations and the builder’s own earlier commitments. These twin towers were not in the original plans[Read More...]

Thunder without Showers?

There can be little doubt that the two recent events that have caused most stir and grabbed most attention are Ghulam Nabi Azad’s letter of resignation from the Congress after an association for nearly fifty years and the Adani group’s precipitate bid for hostile take-over of the NDTV.Both have lessons for the defenders of democracy in their mortal struggle for[Read More...]

Duties of the Independence Day

  (This is the English translation of my Hindi article titled ‘Swatantrta Diwas Ke Kartavya’ published in ‘Yuva Samvad’ and ‘’ on the occasion of 66th Independence Day in 2013. The article was reissued last year on 15 August 2021 on the occasion 75th year of the independence – with the hope that along with the exchange of greetings on[Read More...]

More from My Chat with Vandana Shiva

Earlier this week, I shared episode 49 of my podcast, Post-Woke. It was mostly a conversation between me and Vandana Shiva. In case you missed it, here’s a brief and slightly edited excerpt. I trust it will inspire you to listen to the full podcast right here. Mickey Z: I first saw you speak in person in […]
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Dalit Agricultural Labour counter dummy land auctions by capturing seven acres of Land in Hardike village in Sangrur

In Village Hardike in Sangrur the Zameen Prapt Sangharsh committee planted their flags to launch a successful land capture of seven acres of land. A truly remarkable victory giving the ruling classes a striking blow and tribute to relentless spirit of activists. Heroically they resisted strong police contingents assembled who were determined to sabotage the proceedings, who were shaken to[Read More...]