Kerry Lunges Into India With Anti-BRI Agenda Bringing Green Suicide for All

By Matthew Ehret | Strategic Culture Foundation | April 9, 2021 As the China-Russian-Iran alliance continues to gain new momentum spreading win-win cooperation and development across Asia, Africa and the World, the dying unipolar system run by detached militarists, financiers and technocrats is doubling down on its weird mix of 1) a “scorched earth” offensive threat to […]

Four Words Gates and His Pals Despise: Democracy and Minimum Support Price

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and an assortment of high-profile figures and policy makers are pushing for unregulated gene-editing technologies, the rollout of bio-synthetic food created in laboratories, the expanded use of patented seeds and the roll back of subsidies and support for farmers in places like India. These neoliberal evangelists despise democracy and […]

Rekindle the flame of Martyrs of Sewewala of Punjab on 30th anniversary  

Today on April 9th we commemorate the 30th martyrdom anniversary of the 18 martyrs of Sewewala in Faridkot district in Punjab. They were all crusaders against the fascist Khalistani movement, striking every nail in the coffin to extinguish it. It also in no uncertain terms condemned the terrorism of the state. All the martyrs were part of the anti-repression and[Read More...]

Himachal Move For Selling Liquor at Petrol Pumps Will Be Dangerous For Safety

According to a recent report in a  leading Hindi newspaper of Himachal Pradesh Amar Ujala (April 6), the Himachal government is seriously considering a proposal to start selling liquor at petrol pumps and gas stations. The government is reportedly in favor of taking forward the recommendations of a legislative committee to this effect. This has led to increasing concerns about[Read More...]

Can Farmland for the Landless Become A Reality On A Large Scale

More than half of rural households in India are landless, or almost so. This deprives them of the most obvious asset needed for sustainable livelihoods and food security in villages–farmland. After  agriculture the next most important source of rural livelihood in India is dairy farming but here too the household with farmland has free access to crop residues which is[Read More...]

A Compliment to Bharat Dogra

Sir, Your article “Why Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath Remains the Most Memorable Saga of  Displaced Farmers and  Migrating Workers” that appeared in Countecurrents on April 8, 2021, presented us a scope to visualise the current distress of the farming communities, the peasants, workers, who are getting dispossessed, dislodged, against the backdrop of the novel John Steinbeck wrote. ‘The Grapes of[Read More...]

Bengaltattva vs Hindutva: who will win West Bengal? |Part Three|

  (This is an exclusive long-form essay that aims to provide the most comprehensive and incisive understanding of West Bengal Assembly Election 2021: the ground-shifting and momentous battle in post-Independence Bengal. The first part can be read here; second part here. This is the third and the final part)   Bengal 2021 and Thereafter In 2011 (Assembly Election), the BJP’s[Read More...]

Is it possible for CBI to probe and prove?

It is almost impossible to prove ‘bribery’ at the top level of governance, especially to punish a minister or a police officer or even a Chief Minister, because the criminal justice system demands evidence of very high standard, i.e. beyond reasonable doubt. The media gives a misleading headline whenever a charged public servant is acquitted in a corruption case that[Read More...]

Mamata’s Call for United Front: Can Democracy be saved in India?

As West Bengal Elections are on (April 2021), the heat of campaigning of the two major contenders, Trinmul and BJP has raised the political temperature in the state. BJP has put in all the power at is command for the campaign. Its affiliate organizations, the other groups which belong to its ideological cabal, are fully active at various levels. To[Read More...]