SCO national currencies instead of the dollar – a vital need

The upcoming session of the Council of the SCO Leaders in July will include discussions on boosting the usage of national currencies in trade between member nations. This topic was previously addressed, and a plan was established during the organization’s summit in Samarkand in September 2022. The SCO is currently one of the most extensive […]

India in recent international events

Together with China and Japan, India is one of the three leading Asian powers, whose mutual relations will increasingly determine the situation in the Asia-Pacific region as a whole. In turn, this latter is today in the focus of the current stage of the Great World Game. And if we can speak more or less […]
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G7 countries in search of an alternative to China’s One Belt, One Road megaproject

As a result of the latest summit of the G7 countries in Hiroshima, the US, Canada, the UK and the EU adopted yet another, 11th to be precise, package of anti-Russian sanctions. The package includes more than 90 companies from all over the world, which, according to Brussels, allegedly violated the restrictive measures and continue […]

The PRC-Japan rivalry extends to Europe

Together with India, China and Japan form today the strategic triangle on which the political and economic situation in Asia will increasingly depend. The latter however is the continent where the focus of the current stage of the “Great Game” is shifting more and more definitely. Leaving the territory of another continent, which for centuries, […]
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European countries can afford to skyrocket government debt in order to defeat Russia, but Asian countries can’t and don’t.

Eric Zuesse On May 20th, Bloomberg News bannered “Crippling Heat Waves Deepen Asia’s Reliance on Russian Energy: Soaring temperatures putting strain on region’s power grids”, and reported that, “‘The worst place to be right now amid these searing temperatures is South Asia, especially poorer nations like Pakistan or Bangladesh,’ said John Driscoll, director of JTD […]

Who Benefits from the Escalation of India-China Controversy?

The main objective of American trade and economic policy towards India is to make New Delhi the primary instrument of the PRC’s containment.  Even though the United States is currently India’s greatest commercial and economic partner, there are some blemishes in the relationship. Many issues addressing the relative closeness of the Indian economy were highlighted […]

Historical anomaly of unipolarity has indisputably ended

By Andrew Korybko | Global Times | May 11, 2023 There’s a heated debate in the US nowadays about the future of global affairs. Some believe that what’s been described as their country’s unipolar moment is ending and giving way to multipolarity, while others believe that the US remains the world’s most comprehensively powerful country […]

Concerning the meeting in New Delhi between the defense ministers of India and China

On April 27 in New Delhi, on the margins of an SCO event, the defense ministers of India and China held talks, the very fact of which could not fail to draw attention. Because it showed that the leadership of the two largest states in the world keeps under control a complex and contradictory set […]

Unrest in South Asia

Yet another narrative on the situation in one of the key regions, where the current stage of the “Great World Game” is taking place in its most intense form, will start with (yet another) statement of the conventionality of the terminology used. By the way, let us note that varying degrees of conventionality are characteristic […]
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In the Factories There Is Wealth, but There Is No Life

Detail of: Birender Kumar Yadav (India), Debris of Fate, 2015. In late 2022, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) released a fascinating report entitled Working Time and Work-Life Balance Around the World, in large part encouraged by a slew of initiatives across India to extend the workday. The report accumulated global data on the time spent […]