Nature’s message to planners in Kerala and Uttarakhand

Two of India’s most beautiful regions where thousands of people go to watch and feel the wonders of nature are suffering because of the extremely disastrous rains and floods subsequently. Well, the pain that the rains brought to Kerala and now in Uttarakhand is warning to all of us. It’s nature’s warning to us to mend our ways. Nobody would[Read More...]

Will India’s One billion vaccination-dose-milestone be catalytic for vaccinating all?

On 21 October 2021, India crossed its milestone of administering over 1 billion (100 crores) doses within 278 days since it began the vaccination rollout (on 16th January 2021). The World Health Organization (WHO) calls upon all countries to ensure that at least 70% of their population must be fully vaccinated by June 2022. India aims to cross 70% goalpost[Read More...]

Understanding ‘Jim Crow Hindutva’ State

US-based sociologist Ashutosh Varshney, an expert on BJP politics has coined the term Jim Crow Hindutva to describe the current wave of Hindu nationalism fang in the country. The author compares the current brand of BJP politics with the American politics of the late 19th century with regard to race that was called ‘Jim Crow’ south syndrome. Ashutosh Varshney is[Read More...]

Uttarakhand Again Faces Serious Disaster Situation

This week many parts of Uttrakhand have again faced disaster like conditions of very heavy and concentrated rain, landslides, heavier then expected water flows and floods. At the time of writing on Wednesday evening ( October 20), 46 deaths have been reported and 11  are reported missing. Rescues by National Disaster Response Team and others resulted in timely rescue of[Read More...]

Narrative traps in India’s decision-making

I read a stimulating essay recently co-authored by Paul Dolan, professor at the London School of Economics, and his research assistant Amanda Hedwood analysing, against the backdrop of the uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic, how dominant narratives powerfully influence decisions and create the ‘narrative trap’ in decision-making.  The LSE academics wrote: “We contend that the failure to step back and consider[Read More...]

A Time for Giving Special Attention to Safety of Coal Miners

Safety should always get importance in coal mining operations but in addition special conditions have emerged now in which it is even more important to emphasize safety of coal mining and coal miners in India. This is particularly true of the most extensive coal mining belt in the state of Jharkhand and neighboring areas. As is well-known, electricity generation in[Read More...]

Broken white rice from India withdrawn from European Union after found to being GM in origin

To: Shri A.K. Jain, Chairperson, Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee, Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Indira Paryavaran Bhavan, Jor Bagh, New Delhi. Date – 19th October 2021  Dear Sir, Its with great shock and concern that we learn about the recent discovery of Genetically modified rice in a consignment that we had exported to EU countries. Rice being one[Read More...]

‘Small Farmers, the Glory of the Nation’

The Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi has given the slogan ‘Small farmers, the glory of the nation’. His slogan is quite accurate, as evidenced by a report by the United Nations. The report highlights the fact that family farming is the only way to ensure food security for the whole world and save the environment from pollution. The[Read More...]

India’s declining position in the global hunger index and growing hunger due to lack of nutritious food …

 Nutritious food is considered essential for a healthy life, but 300 million people, or 40 percent of the world’s population, do not have enough money to eat nutritious food.  This is stated in a report released at the United Nations Food Systems Summit 2021 held in Rome from 26 to 28 July.  The report was jointly released by Food Price[Read More...]